Let's discuss the current state of chests and drop rates

It has been discussed many time before, but thats what I think is needed to be adressed

  1. Transparency. A clear view of drop chances is always a good thing. We have this for seasonal cache drops and I want that for other chests from skirmishes and dungeons:
  2. Separate possible item drops for every cathegory of chests so the players could target the specific content and difficulty when they want to farm specific gear and resources.
    For example:
    Chests from easy difficulty can drop minor and lesser shards, medium diffuculty - lesser to major shards, hard+ difficulty - greater to superior shards.
    Chest from skirmishes contain gold, food, ore, shards, small chance to obtain relics, follower crystals and glyphs, while dungeon chests provide gold, food, ore, runes and scrolls, gear, spells, follower crystals and glyphs
  3. Higher drop rates for rare items from high level chests. Players should get rewarded for completing harder challenges As of now I can get minor shards instead of epic+ gear from level 100 chest and thats discouraging.

Thank you for taking the time to create this, @tau !

I agree with your comments about transparency. The difference between dungeons and skirmishes used to be pretty obvious. Now, they have kind of blended together. I would also like to see the information on Hunt reward chests as well.

I also agree that higher level chests don’t drop anything other than higher amounts of food, ore, gold, and very occasionally, 2 runes or scrolls instead of 1. This defintely doesn’t make it worth taking 3 to 10 times longer to farm these chests as opposed to lower level chests.

The Developers have previously stated several times that Relics have had increased drop rates, but it doesn’t seem like players are seeing this at all. We also have had no feedback on what these rare Relic drops tiers are based on. Do higher level chests drop higher tier relics? Is it based on chest rarity? Is it more like 75% t1/20% t2/4% t3/ 1% t4? Not that that truly matters at this point, as I’ve previously stated, it’s so rare to get them, it wouldn’t seem worth aiming for a relic tier rate.

Which is honestly a little funny to me. Relics are so hard to get, but the truth is, by the time we would have enough glyphs to max a character, we would have a hoard of relics from daily dungeons. Keeping relics at such a low drop rate seems to hurt the mid game players the most.

My biggest frustration as a completionist is - the current Dungeon set item nerf is making what’s already an impossible list of season goals even more unobtainable. At least I could cross my fingers and hope for that 1.5% drop rate for a seasonal relic when leveling and salvaging seasonal items. Now, that seems to have dissappeared along with seasonal set item drops.


Cross posting this from the other thread since we want as many “perspectives” about chest contents and Game Modes:

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Absolutely. One SHOULD get much better drops from level X and such higher dungeons and skirmishes. Else, why should one take the bigger effort for such poor drops, as one gets now.
Also @Kafka please do make sure there are not any more such absolute nerfings in the future. Even otherwise it takes months to get a gear and spells to make a build that is good. And to see one fine morning all this coming to nought, is so disheartening, to say the least.


This reminds me… We don’t have a chance for a glyph to appear in one of the daily challenge rewards? With the latest changes I definitely see follower crystals and relics in daily rewards more often, but never seen a glyph.

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If there is a chance for Glyphs to appear in them, I’ve never seen or heard of it, and I’m in chat quite often

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Interesting, Glyphs did get a moment in the sun when Events were first rolled out, there was clearly a decent bump to the chance to get Glyphs (I would estimate about 1% chance from the Evo reward items), but then they revamped events and it went away.


Currently it seems its nigh impossible to get glyphs outside of buying them. I think the only way is to save up enough Diamond Marks from events, yeah? Currently the lack of glyphs is preventing me from upgrading anything.

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I understand the need for limiting Glyphs. It provides a way to generate revenue for the game from players willing to pay for progression, and statistics show most game revenue comes from these players, and limit progression from players who want to enjoy the game with minimal to no financial support. This is a necessary evil for the game to be both successful and ad free.

But, I don’t understand lowering dungeon items drops from common to rare, and basically making skirmish chests obsolete.

I don’t understand the essential boasting of making relics easier to obtain for all players, when its very obvious that relics are not easy to obtain.

I don’t understand making Seasonal goals impossible to meet for both free players and paying players, and then making these goals even harder to complete while being told these changes were made to help us.

I’m perfectly okay with the pay walls the game has. I get it. I just wish there was little bit more transparency in communication, and I wish there was more communication.


Quick comment from a player in game - since not all players are forum dwelling gamers.

This player states the player wishes there were more gear drops from diamond chests instead of getting duplicate minions and spells.

Many games have a ‘Guaranteed at least 1 - ‘insert item’’ from certain pulls.

Diamond chests take 24 hours to get up to 6 drops, as opposed to 4 6-hour gold chests at a total of up to 16 drops. It would be nice if players felt grinding for the Diamond chests that theoretically should be better than 4 gold chests, were in fact better.


World may change alot if they make glyph a possible loot when salvaging epic+ items…


Yeah, I agree. Most diamond and ruby chest drops that I’m getting from the seasonal dungeons don’t have any gear or spells in them, and if they do they are usually common or uncommon ranked.


Gold: makes sense to have, pretty useful even if many people are capped (for some unknown reason…looking at you space for MAX_INT gems)

Food: doesn’t make sense. You’ll never convince me that ‘food’ stored for who knows how long by some tentacly monster is a good idea to eat and better than whatever Brie did to those wyvern eggs. Get rid of food in chests.

Ore: I’d say to get rid of this too but since it apparently takes ore to get a minion (hopefully changed one day) and practically everything else we may as well keep not-so-shiny rocks on the loot table.

Runes and scrolls: If the game is supposed to teach us that salvaging is ok then there’s no reason to be getting more runes and scrolls than actual things to use them on.

Shards: At least having them drop as items we salvage gives players some control over them. Also, why bother dropping superior shards if…

Relics and glyphs: …these don’t drop? What are the drop rates? What are the drop rates? What are the drop rates? Just trying to speed up the process of it getting answered. I have gotten more relics from salvaging than from chests, and I can see that percentage, so can we just be upfront about what a “small chance” really means?

Follower crystals: I don’t understand why they’re in the loot table but I’ve only seen one in a chest anyway so I’m not sure why I’m even bothering to mention them.

Minions: They are cute but feel like an afterthought in design and filler that takes away from good drops in chests. Let us get them from some other source.

Gear: What makes, IMO, a game like Diablo-whatever fun is all the gear that drops having a chance to be that next cool item. By getting rid of some of those chances, I feel that the point of the loot system is lost. I think gear should be coming from every PvE activity.

The recent chests I opened were memorable for the lack of gear in them. Put the gear back.


I’ve just got a lvl 100 seasonal Diamond chest, there should be something awesome inside, right?

679 Gold, 541 Food, 406 Ore, Legendary Fire Scroll.


This is really insane and needs to be addressed. @Kafka, this is another really frustrating example of something wrong with Seasonal chest contents. A Diamond chest has 7 loot slots and that means that 5 of the 7 loot slots were rolled as Ore or Food. This needs attention.


The current state of Chests also appears to include a stealth Nerf to chest contents in the form of increased Food and Ore. Although Ore can at least be used in various ways so it’s not a total loss, Food is entirely unwanted by most players so increasing the chance of getting more Food in Chests is a significant downgrade.


I avoid run normal dungeon after recent hotfix… Dungeon chest was almost ruined by it, and most chinese players start running hunt instead.

My idea of chest adjustion:
1, Let player get ore and food as combat reward (like gold), not a regular chest loot. Make gold, ore and food(called resources afterwards) an uncommon chest loot. Also make a restriction that resource can only occupy up to 1 slot.
2, reduce the slot of all non-wooden chests by 1.
3, make some slots guaranteed to drop an item(gear, spell or minion) or rare stuff(crystal, rune, glyph). Iron and Gold should get one such slot, Ruby should get two, and diamond should get three.
4, other slots are random slots, may drop everything, maybe an item too but the chance is low. Wooden chest won’t drop item, of course.

so, after a combat player get: guaranteed gold, food, ore and EXP,
plus a chest:
Wooden: three random slots, no item
Iron: two random slots and one item slot
Gold: three random slots and one item slot
Ruby: three random slots and two item slots
Diamond: three random slots and three item slots

About quality of dropped items… I think its necessary to raise minimum quality for chest, e.g. reduce the chance of common items(and uncommon evolve mats) from Lv25+ until NO common items appear at all from Lv50+ chests, and gradually reduce the chance of uncommon items(and rare evolve mats & T1 relics) afterwards.
Make high level chests have most chance of drop uncommon and rare items, a low but reasonable chance for epic items, and a small chance of legendaries(diamond only) helps alot.

If dev worries about loot ticket(which may bring excessive amount of reward for players that luckily beat Lv100 before), make a restriction that loot ticket won’t give you diamond chest may work.


Also here’s a fun flash from the past in which @Sirrian discusses many things (which I assume he regretted later) including the dismal state of Diamond Chest contents at the time:

8 months later, Diamond Chests are literally worse by all measures. Gear/Spells are even harder to farm, the balance around rarity of items based on level of chest for better targeting are still a problem (which again would not be a problem if they put in an exchange mechanism), we now have even more Ore and Food filling out the loot slots, and Relics of any consequence are no where to be seen despite repeated mentions of improvement there.



Did you know that you can drill down on the Season drop rate table? The game gives zero indication that a player can do that, but the feature is definitely there. Some interesting data comes out of drilling down in certain random loot tables.

Most loot tables are evenly distributed across the random possibilities…

but not all of them…


Pretty darn sure these rates line up with general shard distributions rates when rolled, which normalize as (high to low):

Armor: 35%
Accessory: 25%
Spell: 20%
Minion: 15%
Weapon: 5%

The most expensive type of shard in the shop? Weapon, by far.

A shame evolution runes/scrolls are not in the Season drop tables. I’d bet a whole lot of worthless gold coins (until 1.2 lands) that Epic evolution runes/scrolls have intentionally repressed draw rates. As most of us know all too well, Legendary and Mythic runes/scrolls drop like candy out of high rarity chests, but Epic runes/scrolls drop much more rarely than their higher rarity counterparts.


A few brief points:

  1. Today i saw someone mention that they had played 570 hours and seen one glyph drop. This is absurd, and not appropriate for a game which (should) inspire us to collect lots of different gear sets.
  2. The inability to properly target or up/downgrade shards and runes/scrolls is disappointing.
  3. Maybe this is less of a loot question - but the imbalance of minions/spells vs. gear will always be present. Due to inventory limitations on gear and the existance of mastery/traits on gear, gear will always be sought after by players as they adaptand change strategy. Spells and pets on the other hand have no randomized stats or mastery - therefore the first one is all thats really necessary.
  4. I agree with other people regarding overall disappointment with quality of drops in chests. We are drowing in food.
  5. Your drop rates and your seasonal goals are entirely in disagreement with one another. On this theme… The skins earned during the season should be granted based on participation, it shouldnt gate players from progressing by requiring all their resources to unlock them… perhaps in the archive they could be treated the same, but it feels very wrong to me presently.