Dungeon and Skirmish Battles

I guess one of the depressing things about the game is you open hundreds of chests everyday and you hardly get anything exciting. My question is anyone getting nicer things when they actually play the highest levels of Dungeon or Skirmish Battles? I always loot them (I guess only on hard level) and never play the higher levels as I never got anything good even if I played them. Feels like time wasting battles. If anyone confirms that the drop rate of the better things are high, I will start playing them. Thx.

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There is no discernible difference between opening chests of level 75 and 100 when it comes to relics, gear etc. The one thing that is definitely different is more ore, food and gold. Which does help keep your followers active and the food means you can open more chests without running out of keys.
I’m not sure if there is a discernible difference between for example level 50 and level 75 chests.

Devs: It would be nice to know if there is a difference. I know you won’t give absolute numbers but maybe you could say a mythic relic is just as likely in a level 75 chest vs a level 100 chest or there is a 5% bigger chance in a level 100 chest over a level 75 chest for example.


I play on level 65 or 70 (diff III, IV), usually on Auto.
The dungeons on that level can give follower crystals and mythic relics (with a very small chance).
I cannot say anything about item/spell rarity, it seems to be random, but mostly common to rare.

A clear guide from devs would be welcome.

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