Lower dungeon chest quality since latest patch?

It seems like with the latest patch (, the vast majority of chest drops I’m getting out of dungeons is much lower. Until recently I’d get some ruby or diamond chests, but now nothing higher than gold and the vast majority iron or wood. This is the case with dungeon loot tickets too. 15 tickets in a row only yielded one gold, and the rest iron or wood chests.

Anyone else notice this as well?

I have not noticed any differences. I would ask: Are you sure you are comparing “apples to apples”? You mentioned getting wood chests, but wood chests are not an option as a dungeon drop. They are only from Skirmishes and Hunt battles that are not the last battle (same with loot ticket use).

I certainly go through dry spells but I have not noticed anything different from the published rates in games on chest drops. Check the rate tables and track at least 200+ if you have concern so that you get enough of a sample to be sure. Anything is possible of course when they update code so its always good to question drop rates.

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Great suggestion, and will do. You’re correct, of course, regarding wood unable to drop from dungeons. Have started tracking, and will see the data is telling me after 200. Thanks!

I don’t have a dataset. However, the past few days I’ve gotten a glut of ruby and diamond chests. So the opposite issue. My guess is that the rng is just being “streaky.”

RNG is RNG. I’ve got 3 diamond chests in a row from season 1.3 dungeon today (using loot tickets)

Thanks for chiming in! It seems like it was just a bad luck streak with a small sample size. I’ve tracked about 60 more, and the spread is looking a ton better.


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