Dungeon chest drops

A minute ago I opened a level 55 rubin chest of a dungeon. I got:

  • Gold
  • 2 mystical runes (that I cannot use, because I have exactly ZERO relicts of this level)
  • food (I was already on the food cap)
  • ore

I got no dungeon specific item.

This chest describes everything wrong with the drop rates.

  1. Remove food from the drops of dungeon quests or give an alternative for spending food (e.g. by increasing the drop rate of cristals).
  2. Either increase the rate for superior relicts or reduce the drop rate for mystical runes and scrolls. (I have a total of 227 of them and not a SINGLE superior relict!). AND I am absolutly short of epic runes.
  3. Increase the drop rate for the dungeon specific items or invent something allowing to switch the element. It takes more than 1000 high level runs until you get the item you are looking for. And spending real money doesn’t help, because the element is still random. And the most frustrating thing is to upgrade a common or uncommon item to level 15 to get just another copy of a color you already own.

It is not very easy to complete a level 80 dungeon and often you get an iron chest, which is fine. But then when you get a better chest and you draw only mystical runes/scrolls and food… This is REALLY frustrating.

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Chiming in on this observation.

The changes to dungeon chest drops made the already way too common Mythic rune/scrolls even more absurdly common. Drops out of of very high level, high rarity chests often look like this:

For a drop that is supposed to be a VIP only bundle purchase or a very rare level 85+ daily dungeon challenge drop, Mythic scrolls and runes drop out of these chests like Skittles diluting out the chances of gear or relics actually dropping. This really needs to be looked at by the design team.

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This was from the PQ3 stream with Sirrian almost 5 months ago:

Still no change beyond the small tweak they just made which as is pointed out makes Mythic Runes/Scrolls even more common than ever.