Have you got Mytic relic from dungeons lately?

I am trying to farm specific mythic relics.
A few months earlier when I was also in need of follower crystals, after defeating dungeons, there was an occasional mythic relic (a few in a week).
My followers are all lvl 50 now, but - for leveling my PVP gear - I try to farm again Mythic relics from Dungeons.
I know that RNG can be strange sometimes, but I am very suspicious that I didn’t get even one mythic relic since the last update (since the Dungeon Rewards crash bug).
Is it just a coincidence, or the relics has disappeared completely?

Your feedback is appreciated.

My Kingdom mates have reported getting some. But we do have some feeling that they appear less than usual.

Wait, there are relics in dungeons? :slight_smile:
I didn’t see one for two months.
I think they’ve silently reduced drop rate to promote their vip currency.
Is there a way to check it ingame?

Exact drop% numbers are a fiercely guarded secret, all who have learned about them have disappeared without a trace…

We just now that the drop rate for mythic relics in dungeon chests is really low, but they do appear from time to time.

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I have been playing the Ruins of Lunarion over and over for the past few months. I have gotten relics to evolve two items to mythic in the last two or three weeks. I have found that the level 90 chests seem to be a sweet spot for me. These can be played on auto and I only play until all of the chest slots are filled with either ruby or diamond chests.

So level 90 are more likely to drop them than level 100? Doesn’t that make loot tickets kind of pointless?

I’m not saying that level 90 is more likely than level 100. The level 90 battles work for me because I can mostly let the system battle itself. I have a limited number of loot tickets, but I am only limited by time with running level 90 auto battles. I haven’t run any statistical analyses, but I got one mythic relic this morning from a diamond chest left in a chest slot yesterday. I didn’t use any loot tickets yesterday, so the chest must have been level 90.

Just play dungeons level 35(the relic you need) and have patience

@reYar2802 do level 35 chests give out mythic relics?

If I’m going to use diamond, ruby and gold keys (or loot tickets) I’ll autoplay level 100 Dungeons for the extra food and ore given out. It takes longer to play those dungeons but in the back of my mind I feel I’d rather be opening top level chests.

Could one of the devs/mods chime in to confirm whether or not mythic relic drop rate probabilities increase with chest level?

Yes you can get it in level 35 but you need to be playing constantly. You won’t see it right away but you will see one then another. Just have patience.

@reYar2802 what do you mean by “playing constantly”?

You can only play or open chests for as long as you have keys or chest slots available. Once your slots are filled and you’ve used all your food to finish the missions, you have to play the waiting game until the chests open.

Or do you mean you have to continue playing and salvage all the chests until you’ve got some more keys and/or chest slots available?

Play and fill your slots if you want to take the risk to open the chest with the key it doesn’t guarantee you will get a relic. You could also leave the chest and if you think you could waste food to open do it if not let them open on their own. Once they all open do it again. That is what works for me.

Yes, they do. Data from our Kingdom suggest that there should be no much difference in mythic relic drop rate between different lvl chests (at least from lvl 54 to lvl 100). That is why we believe it is better to farm lower level chests because it is faster and you get more chests in the same time. Now, this strategy is only valid if you have enough keys to keep opening all the chests you get. If you don’t, then it may be better to go for higher chest lvl possible.

Also, I believe that mythic relics only appear in ruby and diamond chests.

Yes its true I have 230 rubi keys and 119 diamond keys, but I play everyday to gain food and gold

I just came across this thread whilst searching the Google for answers to ‘how the futz to obtain mythic relics in PQ3’ I’m over 300 hours in on my PS5 account and probably not far behind on my mobile account.

In those 500-600+ hours, I’ve never seen a relic drop from anything. This game is becoming like a job at higher levels to be able to progress and frankly, that’s really putting me off. Sad to say, but the money grab is real!! :frowning_face:

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I dare say you would have spent much of that time darling the story mode. You won’t get any mythic relics doing chapters one to nine for each part of the story. The only chance of a mythic relic is the dungeon of chapter 10.

About once a month you should get a mythic relic offered in the daily challenges but that is often behind a level 90 to 100 dungeon. Otherwise you need to be opening dungeon chests to have a chance at a mythic relic. The drop rate is low but they do drop.

If you reread the original post it is about the drop rate of mythic relics reducing, not that they don’t drop. They are rare but do exist.

In my earlier playing days I did use Evelyn to create quite a few mythic relics.

Edit: mystic relics only drop from Ruby or diamond chests. Lower chests are still useful for follower crystals and food to help you open more chests.

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Seconding the post above.

Dungeons only for a chance at Mythic relics, Ruby or Diamond chest only.

It is debatable whether higher level dungeons offer higher probabilities at Mythic relics. If they do, the time investment needed to clear them offset the higher drop rates versus spamming lower level (minimum 45) Dungeons, if you have keys available to burn to do this.

Cumulatively between the dice rolls for all of the drops in a Ruby or Diamond chest, you are still looking at a ~1% aggregate (or less) chance for the Mythic relic of that dungeon to appear in chest. They do drop ( I got one surprisingly from a Dungeon loot ticket), but as mentioned above, the conditions are narrow for a Mythic relic to be possible to drop and the odds very low.

I can guarantee they drop, I have had a recent lucky streak of them (while other times I got none in a long time), but opening tons of dungeon chests everyday. To be honest, when I was upgrading stuff to mythic I mostly got my relics from Eveline. I have only depended on farming them for seasonal relics and now that I am no longer in a hurry to get them.

After several months of no relics, this week I got two! I hope it is the beginning of a lucky streak.
On the other hand (I farm for Elven relics), I don’t know what to do with my tons of Elyra crystals… some exchange possibility would be welcome.


ok, I cant really proove it, cause i lack enough data … but I am nearly sure droprate for tier 4 is lower then 1%. I guess someting around 0,5% (all 200 chests). And it always was, since i play.
Its not as low as the droprate for glyphs, which is imo around 0.1%, but therefor tier 4 relics only drop in ruby and diamond, wether glyphs also drop in golden chests. And min level for t4 relics is 35, while for glyphs its Level 30.
So you open much more chests that can contain glyphs, then such that can contain t4 relics.
But in the end for me t4 relics still drop much more often then glyphs.

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