Mythic Relics and drop rates

Is there a concrete answer on what the drop rate of Mythic Relics? I know specific relics only drop from specific dungeons (Night Relics only drop from the Doomholt). I’m assuming that higher quality chests have a better chance of dropping them (Diamond has a better chance than Ruby I assume).

What else can I do to improve drop rates? Are the chances better at higher difficulty levels? Do I have a better chance from running the dungeon instead of just looting them?

Most of my gear is at level 45, so I’m at the point where I need a mountain of specific relics and glyphs to evolve them, so I’m just trying to figure out the best way to earn them. Thank you all for any suggestions!

Nobody knows the exact droprates except of the Dev.
And they do not share their knowledge.
And you cant do anything to increase them besides of praying towards Lady Luck.
Most ppl think higher chest rarities and higher level of chests have better droprates, but nobody knows how much better and if thats worth the longer time you need to get them,
So … sorry, no concrete answers for you regarding this.

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Anecdotally, less than 1%. We have a couple kingdom members that have received 2 in the same chest though. You really just need to power through and grind out chests of the desired dungeon, they will eventually drop.

Well, that’s all depressing, but it’s about what I expected. Thank you both for your help, I’ll keep grinding out chests and see what happens!

I’ve acquired nearly all of my Mythic Relics through exchanges with Eveline. I’ve had the odd Mythic drop from a chest but, not only has it been extremely rare in my case, but also I’ve obtained the relics that I’ll never use….mainly from playing previous Seasons in the Archives.

If you’re desperate like me and, assuming your Eveline follower is levelled high enough, just use Gems, Ore and Follower Crystals to upgrade your Legendary Relics to Mythic and exchange when able to do so.