Dropped a relic ... a legend?

Hi all

I just made more than 150 dungeons difficulty X by opening all the chests … 0 relics … yes 0! And the developers have increased the drop rate?

Where is the fun, if the game it’s only waiting for a tier 4 relic with the challenges (with 90% of the time for gold / ore / food and junks rewards) or take my credit card at the store.

Wait 6 months to upgrade 1 legendary item to mythic … no thank you, I’ll stop there.
Good luck to the others.


Doing difficulty X dungeons hasn’t been worth it for around 3 patches now since all the changes.

what difficulty to play?

I’ve been on this “dead horse” for a while now. I also agree that the “increased” drop rates for relics are BS, and are simply a function of removing wood chests from the Dungeon table. Since that announcement 30 days ago, I have also seen 0 relics drop from dungeons.

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