Downloaded update, any patch notes?

This morning I downloaded a 68 MB game update. I think the version is the same at 0.35.9955? Anyone know what was updated?

Ha, yes I’m so hungry for a patch I’m begging for patch notes :grin:

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I’m right there with you. that wasnt the patch too early in the day its usually after the reset for the day at lest it has been in the past. Hopeful for it tho=)

Could be a “getting ready for the patch” patch. :nerd_face:


Tuesday nights are their most common time for doing patches, so could be a patch in 8-15 hours from now.

Hope it fixes food and this elusive new currency people say exist, but my 2 weeks of level 100 diamonds say otherwise. XD


It’s definitely an asset push. Just need the update to come out to deploy those assets into the game.

I’d be surprised if the update didn’t come out today, if those are the accompanying assets are associated with the update.


I just got a relic out of level 17 gold chest…I never open low level chests but just felt I should on that one

Now if lvl 100 chests dropped some…

Seriously crazy. The drop table has to be wrong

Is it though?

The blue background signifies a “Rare” rarity drop. “Rare” rarity shard drops are Greater shards, whose main level range is now level 15-24.

Marin said that this is a level 17 chest, which checks out if relic drops are going to be tied the same level ranges as shards.

What doesn’t make sense was this was a standard chest, and I have still not had a single one from a dungeon chest and definitely none from level 50 to level 100 chests

My glyph drop was from a non-dungeon gold chest, which was below level 50.

I guess this confirms that the drop is possible, just at extremely low rates like glyphs?

It is if you take their notes as informative that players can attain relics from dungeon completion; yet by my anecdotal count, far more have been found from random chests received while questing sub-50. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that @Marin was not perplexed by the rarity association of the relic

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Exactly just perplexed that this is the relic I get from a chest.

I have gotten 2 others from salvaging.

The one thing that does honestly perplex me is even if there is a primary way to get relics in the next update, how impossible will it be to get a matching rarity set?

Now that’s the 64,000 gem question. I’m rather pessimistic towards the situation. Even if relics become plentiful, I’m expecting 90%+ of relic drops to be of the lower two rarities of each set.

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TRUE but still better then are current odds.01

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I try to download but nothing happens – no progress bar, no spinning skulls, no rotating dots. After several minutes I give up and try again with the same results. Happens on my phone as well as Bluestacks version.

Huh, so I just downloaded another 68 MB update. The plot THICKENS :face_with_monocle:

No reply from the devs makes me hopeful this means something coming very soon!

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No patch notes, just assets needed for an upcoming update. :slight_smile:


You have us itching with anticipation :slight_smile:

when is this magical update and thoughts or hints? Twiddling are thumps waiting to upgrade something.