Tier x chests need improving

I think in the game once you get any dungeon to tier x.level 100 the gear should be improved i.e ditch the iron chest.people have worked to beat this level so the lowest chest that should be granted should be golden.also with this the chance for tier 4 relics should be improved


They actually did improve the odds of getting mythic relics in 3.0, I just don’t think most people have even realized by how much yet. Is it enough, keep reading and you be the judge?

Mythic relics are now available to buy in seasons for 350 ancient coins which most people are probably aware of. Also with the ability to find mythics in chests now and the chance of getting legendary gear increased drastically as well, not to mention you get aether by salvaging which eventually lets you craft a random mythic.

Allowing us to eventually salvage these redundant weaker mythics and legendary items. With a mythic having a 7.4% chance of dropping a mythic relic of its set type. And a legendary having a 4.4% chance of dropping a mythic relic of its set type.

I have not seen any mythics in 3 weeks. Quit giving us low end chests and so many spells and minions.


All I am saying is I have been playing for 7 months and in that time have levelled every class to lvl 50 all dungeons to tier x chests and I have never had a tier 4 relic from a chest.nor ever had a glyph still haven’t got all my followers to lvl 50 because I have hardly had a follower crystal either in chests the high end loot drop is so poor.even mythic weapons I have had have been no higher than divine mythic

I would say remove the wooden chests from lvl 100 dungeons. Iron chests are nice resource chests for food/ore and iron keys are easy to come by. I think lvl 100 only drops sacred mythic or higher, ive never got any lower dan sacred from lvl 100. But from lower lvl dungeons I got a divine or even way lower lvl even a normal mythic

I guess you refer to lvl 100 battles, because dungeons never give wooden chests. Wooden chests do appear in skirmish, side quest, hunts, archive story…

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My personal opinion is tier x chests should be top lvl gear.i have opened so many tier x diamond chests and got trash for example
1,gold when I am maxed out with nothing to spend it on
2,an epic relic when I have 700+ already
3,food ore and shards
4,crappy uncommon and rare loot and even epic which I have no use for.
When you open one of these high lvl chests I sort of expect at least one of the following
Either a legendary relic,tier 4 relic,follower crystal not Eveline legendary or mythic gear.
And the tier x chests I am referring to is 1 of the 15 dungeon lvls from the story rant over

Ah sorry, yea I mean the wood chests from hunts, archive story etc, should be atleast silver for lvl100 battles.