Bone Gloves - Creating 3 Skulls

Quick question. What’s the advantage of creating 3 skulls (Bone gloves) when an enemy is defeated, please?. Just good for 3 - boss enemies so it creates 3 skulls when you defeat the first one or the second one? Or does it roll to the next fight?

And also I open hundreds of chests everyday and never come across any upper tier relics. I have got everything legendary. 5 heroes at level or above 50 but do not get any upper tier relics from anywhere , it has been months. Do I need to reach a specific level in order to see those ones coming? Citadel level 91. Thx

“Do X when an enemy is defeated” are abilities that after 1.5 update only work on dungeons and events, where you have more than one enemy. Before 1.5 they where more useful since all battles had multiple enemies. I believe this point hasn’t be made yet. Is there any thought on rebalancing this type of abilities now that they only work on some battles?

About the chest problem, do you get legendary relics? They are quite scarce, but they should appear from time to time, 1 every 50 chests or so (made up number based on observation don’t take it as a rule). If you don’t get legendary relics that is strange. If you are talking about Mythic relics, then it is normal to open hundred of chests without getting them, they have really low drop rates. In my case, I needed three months of active playing and farming until I got my first and only mythic relic on a chest, while other players are still waiting.


I began to get relics a week ago. Rare and Epic is fairly common, but I get one or two Legendaries a day. Sometimes a Mythic. I got 4 from dungeons so far.
There is no communication about the elevated chances. Will it be permanent from now on, or it is a mistake, and everybody hurry and farm them while they can?
I also get follower chrystals from time to time, if I play dungeons.
My autoplay difficulty is lvl III or IV, depending on the dungeon.

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That’s a good question, but it might be buried here from the eyes that would need to see it in order to answer it.

I LOVE the increased drop chances. It makes me feel (as a high level player) that opening chests isn’t a waste of grinding time anymore.

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Thanks for the replies. Yeah I was talking about the Mythic relics. I get legendary ones now too. I guess you expect to progress in the game after reaching a certain level but it is not happening. And it is not very exciting anymore. What’s my goal now? Maybe PvPs but then after putting all the effort you come 15th because there are 10 T0 winners there and it is very frustrating. I need to put a goal there to reach so I keep playing but if it is not the Mythic evolution then what is?

Remember that you can exchange relics with Eveline to get mythic ones:
-4 legendary relics + 500 gems + 1000 ore + 1 evelin crystal = random mythic relic.
-2 mythic relics + 5000 gold + 1500 ore + 1 evelin crystal = mythic relic of your choice

Also T0 win does not exist in PvP anymore, the top is T1 skull win.