Epic Runes, oh Epic Runes, Whereforth Art Thou Epic Runes

This has been mentioned numerous time but I will bring it up yet again. The inability to target runes, specifically Epic Runes, is maddening, especially if you have already hit Level 50. The lowest Hunt/Dungeon that you can do is level 35, and Epic Runes are only about 10% of the Runes that are found (Legendary then Mythic are the more commonly found types).

This would be easily fixed if Runes were downgradeable (meaning you could use a higher tier rune like Legendary as a substitute for Epic runes).

The issue of Epic Runes has been brought up frequently but continues to go unaddressed. Here’s what I found in 5 minutes of searching:

Here’s a feedback suggestion earlier this month:

I brought this up before back in April:

Another player brought up the same issue around the same time:

He brought it up again in May:

Here is me back in August of 2021:


I’ve spent nearly a week and a half trying to get Epic Runes for 2 upgrades. I’ve gotten 2 of 6 needed. The lowest level I can fight is 35, so I cannot farm at an appropriate level.

please send help.


Drops act like the end game is at level 50 when it seems to be actually at level 100…since those dungeons exist.

Please scale drops according to what I think most players would find to be reality and double the intended level for such drops (mythic runes and such drop near 100 instead of near 50, for example).


Sad that Darkhunter didn’t at least get the option in Update 1.4 that was teased in the September Community Update of choosing at least between a Rune and a Scroll.

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The Darkhunter update is now live in 1.4.5, but having crafted a lot of random runes since then, I haven’t once had a Rare Rune, they’ve all been higher. I’m working on some new PvP gear sets, but they’re all stuck at uncommon. So frustrating.

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I am honestly tempted to leave my darkhunter at 35 just for this reason. I had lagged behind on leveling him because I just never seemed to get the drops I needed on his follower crystals and now I am glad!

This has to get fixed. It cannot stay this way because you are just punishing the players who are the ones that are sticking with you!

Sibelios has proposed the easiest fix for this situation and that is just let us use higher level runes as substitutes for lower level ones when we are upgrading, it is not that hard omg!

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My Darkhunter is at 15 and primarily crafts Epic Runes. :woman_shrugging:

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