Need some QoL improvement on evolve materials

This problem happens when we can only loot Lv30+ chests. We will get mountains of mythic materials, some legendaries materials, and, sometimes epic or lower level laterials. This is weird, we need a balanced drop rate, not give us tons of mythic, which is useless in most situation.
This problem is still unsolved after recent QoL hotfix. More epic, less mythic please.

OR: add a new function, let us use superior materials to replace the inferior one.
example: if I tried to evolve an armor without enough proper rune, pop such window: “you have no enough epic runes. Use 3 mythic or legendary runes to proceed?” and let us choose which one to spend.

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Totally agree with this. I got lots of legendary runes but no epic one. I am at level 50 and even the lowest level chest at the moment have no sight of epic runes but only legendary and above. All my gears stuck in level 25…

Obviously it would be best for the devs to sort this out but as a work around you could start a new character and do the story to quickly level it up. Then do Dungeons and skirmishes at the level to suit your needs.

EDIT: I’ve realized many hours later that this would mean you’re not gaining XP for your citadel. So maybe not a good workaround.