Some random suggestions and thoughts for QoL improvement

Most of them are evolve mats related stuff… Some season objective is impossible to do.
No kingdom-related stuff due to incoming kingdom revamp.

1: Evolve mats drop is still too weird. Chests above Lv35 drop mountains of mythic and a few epic. This doesn’t fit player’s demand. Please adjust their drop rate. reverse the chance of mythic and epic may prove good.
2: If above is not possible, allow us to use superior evolve mats when we have no enough lesser one.
3: If both 1 and 2 are not possible, double or triple the chance we get runes/scrolls when salvaging stuff.

4: Make it possible to get glyph when we salvage epic or higher item. Same chance as relics.

5: Let hunter and/or runesmith occasionally create random glyph along with their normal product.

6: Remove shards from season cache, add glyph and random relics instead. Shards from cache always make players angry, and season currency is PRECIOUS.

7: Make bonus cache from hunt able to be obtained when chest slot is full.

8: Make difficulty range of some challenges more reasonable or no people will try it. You shouldn’t put a diamond key in Lv100 challenge. It should be somewhere around Lv35-50. Crystals also shouldn’t appear at a Lv100 dungeon.

9: Give increasing exp bonus for combat above Lv50(manual only) may help alot. Loot tickets shouldnt get this bonus.

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