Suggestions for post 0.36

Communication: It would be nice to see stickied posts on current bugs and current planned changes for the future. A Roadmap would be welcome.

Economy: Currencies are imbalanced

  • Gold store needs to be greatly expanded. There are not enough things to buy. Allowing players to respec their Citadel with gold would be a good gold sink. We really want to respec our Citadel.

  • Possible uses for food include: currency for a new food store, Crafter cost(as Sibelios suggested months ago) or speed up crafting, and/or Minion Recovery or Minion Ability Boosts.

  • Kingdoms: Eliminate Guild Store limitations and give guilds more goals and rewards. Group Missions would be a welcome change.

  • Evolution materials: The tier system for shards has been the biggest gripe for players wanting to level and evolve their gear since Day 1. Possible solutions are to allow players to downgrade or trade their higher grade shards for lower ones.

  • Runes and scrolls need another function as they are in overabundance. Possible solutions are another store that uses these as currency or using these for rerandomizing gear stats or gem color.

  • Dungeon Tokens to be traded directly for specific dungeon drops with randomized rarity would be nice option so farming seems less of a grind. Allowing large groups of tokens exchanged for high tiers would be a nice quality of life change.

Daily Goals: Cut down grind time

  • Daily Events: Allow players to quickly ramp up difficulty to what they can accomplish rather than slowly grinding the low level dungeons for weeks at a time. Make the leaderboards based on the player’s top few runs rather than a cumulative score so players can’t “buy” their place on the Leaderboard.

  • PvP: Cut the tokens granted in half and double the Honor rewards. Adding the Event Modifiers(Buffs and Debuffs) to PvP would be a welcome change rather than the Tourney being based on gear color.

  • Skirmishes: The reward system for the skirmishes is great but it would be better if it was similar to the Daily Bounties and more choice offered in choosing which skirmishes/ rewards are picked. Added player debuffs for better rewards could make this category more exciting.


  • Option to increase animation speed. The animations look nice but take too long.

  • We need a button to quickly finish a turn.

  • Other than making rows, players should be incentivized to make crosses, L shapes, blocks, or columns.

  • Debuffs need to be more detrimental. Heroic Buff should be defensive as well as offensive.

  • Gear Balance: Properly scale armor and weapons to accommodate 0.36 changes. Gear should provide meaningful buffs to reflect effort. Combos should be encouraged. Set bonuses would be a fun change.


Hello there!

Thank you for the feedback you’ve posted, we really appreciate it. I’ve added this to my report and have sent it to the Dev Team.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective: