2 hrs 20 minutes for daily

I timed it yesterday. 2 hrs and 20 minutes to do all of my pvp, the events, the challenges and bounties. All of my bounties were done within the scope of all of the other things. Also the “hard” challenges were somewhat less hard. So this is most likely pretty close to best case scenario.

I’m sorry but no. I can’t sustain this. Yes I can probably devote 2+ hours to the game, intermittently, but not for just doing the daily junk.

This is unreasonably slow.


Absolutely agree.
However I find myself playing less each day after update 0.36. Yesterday I just couldn’t be bothered doing all Tourney fights, only did 2 daily bounties, didn’t do any daily Challenges or events. After weekly reset I doubt I will enter any Tourney.
All fun has been sucked out of the game with update 0.36 and I only stick around to see if anything will be done or if they intend for the fights to be this timeconsuming. If nothing is done in next update, I am out. A game is supposed to be fun, this game isn’t after 0.36.


It is taking such a massively long time to complete everything. I do not know how a normal player could get through everything without frustration. Unlike most, I have the gear and high enough citadel levels to win 99% of battles but I would get so mad if I died during a dungeon event 90% through .

I am definitely less and less likely to do all pvp battles once I have the needed score.


DEVS !!! Time is such a precious commodity for us humans. We allocate it to what must be done and to what is fun. With .36, you have asked too much of us all and have made thousands of players realize that there are many other activities and games that are more fun than your current ideas of fun. 2 hrs 20 min is a low estimate for most of your player base for all daily tasks and has crossed the line from activities that might have been somewhat fun to dreadful chores for many players. You are losing your current and future player base, some of your staunchest supporters and possibly some visible game Streamers whose word of mouth reaches the game communities masses and can steer people clear of PQ3 in this time-sucking, Dreadful state. I’ve been buying your IP since the 1st brilliant PQ and this huge reason to leave this game you have given us in update .36 breaks my heart and I believe thousands of others are feeling that you need to talk to us NOW and to make QOL changes right away. Please give us fun instead of what must be done.


What am I missing here? Its not like you have to do all the daily stuff? Isnt it better to have more content and more options. Seems like these devs cant win, they are putting out more options and getting slammed here.

Because they have gated progression behind the drip of the daily stuff. Also with 36 progression is a mus,t to do anything else at all. Pre-36 gear progression was a mess but it didn’t matter. Post 3 gear progression is still a mess but now it matters.

This isn’t a rocket science thing, or even an algebra I thing. Its a “the only way to get x is to do y” thing. If you only play to say oooo look gems to match, its probably not an issue.

The devs can absolutely win. They are just choosing… or probably being forced by the publishers to choose, not too.


How many people asked for PVE fights that can take 30 minutes to try and beat just to get Disconnected for inactivity ? How many people asked to the Devs make Spells cost double or more and make PVP a crapshoot where you may not have chance to cast any spells ? Speak up now on these massive changes if you wanted them. More people should speak up here and tell the Devs the truth and tell the Devs that our time is valuable.


The game just isn’t fun anymore. There are a few fleeting moments when you eek out a tough win, but otherwise it just feels like a chore to run dailies.

I’ve considered taking a break from the game, but I’m afraid I will have zero desire to come back later on. I’ve got a Kingdom to run after all.


This is the real issue right now with dailies. Each of the events feels disjointed but you are compelled to do them because the most valuable rewards (both real and potential) are locked behind them:

  • Challenges: For early level players, the rewards are out of reach and often not worth the effort. For higher level players the necessary items are there but locked behind slogfests that take so long to complete you might actually get kicked from the game for inactivity
  • Events: In theory a nice opportunity to earn daily rewards but currently locked behind a progression system that penalizes every player at higher levels who has been waiting on content for months; instead of promoting players to different tiers based on level achieved at update, every player is starting at square 1 and will have to do Event dailies for a month plus before even beginning to hit levels that might yield valuable resources
  • PVP: This joyless game mode was terrible from the start of early access but has attached to it one of the most valuable currencies in the game: Honor, which can be used to buy keys from the Kingdom Bazaar or much needed Ore from the shop (even more so after 0.36). Now with the update, it takes 3x longer to do the same fights for the same rewards and feels even more joylessly random than before due to lack of balance (undergeared elite tourney entry up against some fortunate soul with a legendary weapon of the right color one- or two-shotting everyone and resetting score progress)

Beyond these disjointed events, the content options feel unrewarding. No Chest or drop rate updates means non-daily content is virtually purposeless except for the occasional rare drop and the smattering of ore and shards. Every Food drop makes key use feel like a waste. Every Diamond chest at high levels is filled with shards, runes, and scrolls that are essentially unusable. Not being able to target hardly anything feels like you are wandering through a huge junkyard picking at scraps hoping to find the smallest meaningful treasure.

Several have made the point that the “daily” system is an ok paradigm if its fast and fun, even if the rewards are small with the occasional valuable piece (essentially where Gems of War dailies are). Then you turn your attention to optional weekly or 3-day content to chip away at as you feel inclined with it’s own basket of rewards. Currently in PQ3 virtually all the rewards content is daily, and is the only real source of consistent rewards that the game offers. Farming content outside the daily system feels much less satisfying (same rewards for 3-5x the effort after 0.36 is a tough pill to swallow).

The mix of drip content needs to be better balanced (daily rewards matched with effort; more weekly, less daily content). The non-drip content (“farming”) needs to be more rewarding. Only then will it feel more like we have options and less like we have a job as lab rats.


I just want to point out my agreement on pvp now. It had its moments before, but with the mana change there is a good chance most players will rarely win. It has become a slog and even worse is that it is still the only way to receive honor…and is brutal for every player tier with either being destroyed in a single turn or pvp taking forever to just get through.

Meaningful pvp is difficult to accomplish in a game like this, but the current implementation is even more broken than the bone ring apocalypse of .34


This is so very true! Even just looking at one thing, shards… If you need a specific type and tier, there should be a way to target getting them. To reference GoW, explore mode lets me target trait stones. In this game, it feels like all I do is open boxes and hope.

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Just adding my voice here. I stopped paying attention to time once I went over 1-1/2 hours yesterday. I don’t want to casually play one thing here and another thing there, I want to play the game, all of it. The mana change REALLY slowed things down and it’s not really fun anymore.

I’m thinking I will stick it out for the next significant update but if it’s anything like this one, I’m finding another game.


Here is another point that imho needs to be addressed:

Player choices and actions do not have enough impact on their progress. This is related to the almost non-existent way to target anything. It’s also related to gear being the most important thing.

You can farm a specific dungeon at top level and never get what you need. Meanwhile, your level 15 alt can trip over the item in a random low level chest. So, ok. Let’s say that happened…

Now you have to level and evolve the item. Let’s say its a weapon. Again, there is no choice you can make as a player, to make that happen. You can play certain levels to target a tier of shards. But there is no way to ensure you get ANY shards, much less weapon shards. Every battle is a slot machine.

Dungeon chests have a more specific prize pool. But it’s still a slot machine.

Even the shop is a slot machine, spin the wheel and see what you can buy! Sometimes you don’t even get to know what you are buying (random this or that.)

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All of these astute and accurate negatives brought up by some of your staunchest supporters are being felt by most of your player base.

Update .36 in comparison to .34 is a Time-sucking, Dreadful chore that consumes hope with nearly every loot box opening and stings us now with the vastly increased amount of time and effort we spent to earn every disappointment. Incredibly rarely we will get something semi-useful… but is it in the Element type that you need, or is it a Rarity that is worth the Ordeal to Evolve it to substantial usefulness ?

Your loot table is STILL heavily dominated by gear with nearly negligible beneficial abilities ( Tiny percentages, Element Resistances, SPEED increases which many hate especially now ) and you think we will care to level those many items up… and at such a unreliable and slow pace ?

This game needs to feel fun, rewarding and worth the players’ very valuable time compared to other games and activities which are more fun and rewarding. We all need the Devs to know that they have lost so many players because of. 35 and .36 but this game could be a game people might return to someday if they listen to the players and address these issues right away.

There is so much potential here but people will only buy from and support that which is worth their time or they will leave and find something else to do. Period.


Hey @Tresk

This has been passed on and is definitely being investigated. We understand this is an extensive amount of time to clear daily tasks.

Just so I can pass it on to the team, has anyone continued with their same loadout from before .36 or have you changed out your Spells or Gear since?

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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all the fun is gone, the battles are long, the enemies are too strong, no way to advance, mana accumulating too long for such strong enemies, the drop rate is unimaginably bad, I’m sorry but all the potential is gone, no incentive to play on


At least in WWE Champions there was a clear direction you knew you had to grind forever towards if you wanted to progress… even if Scopeley are money hungry bastards, everything was at least planned out clearly enough

Whatever you guys are doing now is infinitely worse, guessing which slot machine to roll on is extremely tedious and there is no clear way to progress at all.


I can’t tell if this is a serious response. There are threads discussing the changes of 0.36 with staggering detail and you want to know if people have taken the time to try different gear? :exploding_head:

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I had to change both gear and spells to stand a chance of competing at anything close to where I was before.

My first character, Assassin had hit L50 and completed the story shortly before 0.36. The final chapter was a big challenge, and I was able to complete a Difficulty I dungeon through spells to stun lock opponents. I couldn’t do Difficulty II as one regular hit would kill me first turn. Gear was mostly Rare and L15-25. Nothing Epic or higher - I hadn’t found any and evolves weren’t possible in 0.35.

The 0.36 update gave me a few bits of Epic L35 gear which almost doubled my gear score (~700 to ~1300). The double-hit of spells increasing in cost, while mana generation from matches also going down meant I had to change my spell loadout. Now using Channel Darkness, Nightmare Vision, Unnerving Strike and Night Blade. There was a Northelm crystal available the other day for beating the daily L55 Dungeon I. I tried 10 times and the furthest I got was killing the first enemy. So much health and armour vs doing so little damage.

Since I only had one character at 50 before the update, and with progress on 0.36 pretty much halted I have instead switched focus to running alt characters through the story. Here the L35 gear makes it a cake walk. Paladin and Necro each breezed through to Ch12 / L40 with barely a single loss between them. Having high level gear effectively level up with them every level makes it so much easier, but not something new players would have.

Daily PVP takes much longer, and as a result really doesn’t encourage wearing your best gear. You are now much better off equipping lower level gear to match against a weaker opponent that you can (with a bit of luck) kill in fewer turns and therefore score more points. High level slug fests are both boring and penalised.

I like the addition of the daily skirmish and dungeons, though the third Difficulty I-X could perhaps be more targeted at something possible for the player. If I’ve never beaten a Difficulty II skirmish or dungeon, offering me a Dungeon VIII and saying it is “Hard” is a bit of an understatement.


I changed quite a bit of gear on every hero due to:

  1. Every single piece of flat bonus gear being massively underbalanced for 36.

  2. The absolute need, in 36, for every piece of gear to be both the highest rarity we can manage and the highest level. The long standing and perpetual dearth of shards (never mind relics), meant having to make use of the “pity gift” epics.

I would have changed more gear but things like runic ring and elven owl helm have been bugged for a long time, now. Also, nothing drops anymore. I’m sure the drop rates are likely the same. However, there are not enough hours in the day to collect anything due to everything taking forever.

I’ve made fewer changes to my spell set ups because there is little point. The slowness is caused by inflated stats, the 1-2 punch of slower mana accumulation and grossly inflated mana costs, and no increase to spell damage.

I actually feel that the inflated stats and the inflated mana costs were not terrible ideas. If gear bonuses had been balanced to those changes, if spell damage had been balanced with those changes, if the changes had been more modest? Your job would be much easier, right now! The slower mana accumulation , I can’t defend at all.