PvP Takes Too Long to Complete Daily. Vote if you Agree/Disagree

It has been mentioned several times as comments in other threads about PVP but it is really starting to get to me so I thought I would start a new topic. It has also been mentioned numerous times within Discord chats and I’m actually surprised nobody has started the topic here yet.

33 battles a day is just too many. Even if you ignore the time it takes for each battle by the time you make your killing move, the death animation plays, the victory screen comes up, it loads back to PVP, you decide on the next opponent, you press to battle them and then the board finally loads takes 20 seconds on my phone. Multiply that out and I spend 11 minutes just navigating between battles to do my 33 battles a day. Now that the PVP battles are no longer just a one critical hit for victory and you are trying to achieve a win with full health, armor and resistance an individual battle can easily take one to two minutes with a build that prioritizes that and I really don’t have an hour to spend on PVP every day.

I’m willing to bet that not a single staff member there has played all 33 pvps every day since it was changed.

I guess I would suggest halving the number of pvps a day, maybe decreasing to 7 the number of battles that make your top score and then lastly doubling the number of rewards from each battle to make up for the halving of them.

Other than the large increase in time I’m enjoying the new PvP more.

Here is where I would insert a poll to gauge other players opinion on the length of PVP if I could. Given I can’t, leave a comment.

Edit: 11 hours later, just been told on Discord how to do a poll

  • 33 PvP battles a day is good
  • 33 PvP battles a day takes too long / too much time
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It is currently not just too long, but very disheartening as well.
I cannot get an opponent who is worth enough points for my advancement.
Just give me my 15*33 honors, and be done with it.
The opponent pairing system needs an immediate rework. Haven’t we said it a hundred times already? Why not choosing from ALL the opponent currently above me? It may result a few losses, but this way I can at least have a chance of meeting someone strong, and (in points) worth beating.

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Poll added to first post.

I find PVP more interesting than before, despite it taking longer to complete.
I don’t have a perfect build in every color. Previously if the tourney didn’t match my build color and weapon, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make a turn 0 win.

Now, when the turn 0 is not a factor, I have motivation to try out different characters and experiment with items and spells that I have. Yes, I won’t be in the top of the charts, but it is interesting to try something new throughout the week and see if it will work.

I am not going to vote in the poll, because the forum remembers all the comments about how boring the turn 0 PVPs are and people wanted more diversity. Now the diversity is there, but people are still not happy. It makes sense that if you are not getting turn 0 wins, your battles will be longer.

Regarding the rewards - much better than before. I used to have between 25000 - 30000 honor before the change, now I have more than 40 000, and I don’t know what to spend them on.

Gems - I used to struggle with getting enough gems for the three weekly follower crystals, and one glyph of the most needed type. Now I have close to 10 000 gems, and I don’t know what to spend them on. I am a F2P player with the exception of few offers. This is the reason I don’t really care how high I am going to chart in the tourneys.

Free tip: if you have more than enough honor like me, once you reach a certain score, start retreating battles that won’t get you higher score, saves time.


I agree with @Heno3HaTaTa in that I find PvP more interesting than before, it definitely feels more competive, motivating and enjoyable. There still are issues to improve but I believe the changes have made it better.

I also agree with @shmaunpq that completing all PvP battles takes a long time. Usually you reach your max score in a few days and then you won’t get a single pairing that lets you improve it, so that the rest of PvP battles give nothing but honor and become a tedious chore. However, this also means that those battles can be done faster (no need to be at full health, armor and resistance if you won’t get enough points) and that doing all PvP battles is not strictly necessary, being able to skip them only losing on some honor. I believe this is something common in a grinding game: you have plenty of daily tasks you can do to gain extra resources if you have the time for them, but you aren’t penalized for not doing them (you will just take more time to gather the resources).

In my opinion, decreasing the number of PvP battles without changing the rewards is out of the question. And about the suggestion the suggestion of decreasing the number of battles and increasing the honor rewards… Well, of course it would be nice, right now completing all PvP battles feels really tedious and being able to get the same Honor rewards with less time invested sounds great.

However, we just had a big improvement in Honor rewards from PvPs, even with playing just a few battles we can already get more Honor than what we got before from doing everything, so I don’t feel current situation unreasonable: if I am not ready to spend so much time I just leave some battles undone and I will still be getting a good amount of Honor. Therefore, I really don’t feel like asking for more in this sense. I believe there are more urgent issues in PvP requiring improvements to help players enjoy it more.


If the aim is to give us an option to grind for honor then mission accomplished. I guess it’s a different proposition for me since I’m at endgame already, the chore is definitely not appealing

Another possible Idea: Maybe we can get autoplay for PvP too? That would take some of the grind out of it if we aren’t playing a battle that will add to our top 10 scores. This might be an ok solution. (Although I think I’d personally still prefer less battles a day, not sure)



Adding onto your post, Honor is really PvP-restricted Gems. When a thing appears in the guild bazaar, it is priced at its Gem value in Honor. (Side note: The rewards in the PvP Honor Shop is ~20% overpriced over “full retail price”, but that’s another matter entirely).

Yes, playing 33 PvP battles a day sucks, but that’s a potential 495 restricted Gems per day in the Champion League (+33 more if you are the weekly guild Honor bonus recipient) , choosing the easiest opponents offered each match. That’s really hard to argue against, at a minimum makes that the Armor Glyph in the PvP shop easily obtainable with room to spare for other potential guild bazaar purchases.

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I’m not one to play more than two at a time. I usually just play the open and then play a green tournament when it pops up. I can say, however, that when I’ve had to run 22 a day that it’s a bit long, but I didn’t feel terribly put out.

And, also, once you realize that your lot in the tournament is predetermined and you’re not ever going to see another competitor that will help you advance, you stop running through all 11 (times whatever) tokens.


I quite enjoy the new PvP, its much more interesting than it was before. Its also much harder though, so I can see why that discourages people, especially when the prizes are the same. And don’t get me wrong, the prizes are really good, its just harder to win matches now, so most people are probably getting less than they got before the change.

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Same here. To be honest I tend to swear a lot during PvPs due to the added difficulty, much more for those battles that take too long to be able to win with perfect score. When looking at the gear of my enemies sometimes I cannot help but groan. However, it is true that it makes PvP more enjoyable, not a chore anymore since you need to give it time and a lot of thought.

Main disadvantage is that it is really time consuming, although once you get the top scores and are no more matched against opponents that give points, it becomes easier and faster.

Another problems is that, as you say, it has become too tough for lots of players. It is not my case, since now I do even better, but lots of low and mid level players complain that the battles are too difficult for them. I believe this should be an important issue to try to improve for future PvPs so that as many players as possible can enjoy them.


As I’m still in the first steps of PVP I can’t evaluate what’s going on further up in major leagues but I think everyone can choose whether they want to do more or less battles or whether they want to enter various tournaments or just some occasionally. Whatever the model, there will always be things to improve. Since this game depends a lot on persistence, I don’t see any problem with some activities taking more time.

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Enable auto play or add pvp tickets, anything will help especially for those of us who spend atleast 5 hours at the very minimum playing daily to complete everything need to be simplified to make sure we dont lose interest because once that happens statistically speaking the numbers of players decline.

I will add also something needs to happen with dungeons also even with autoplay enabled its a long fight duration for those who dont have maxed everything and lets be honest its important for progress obtaining those chests and when you’re getting rewarded steel it really sets you back. Either make it a 1 v 2 battle or supply bonus potions to help speed the games up i had to play through 25 dungeons just to get 6 chests of gold or higher rarity this took atleast 3 hours that is a large amount of time for 6 chests that wont even give you anything you actually need.

This game has tons of potential but alot needs to be changed/altered/added to maintain playability.

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