Suggestion: Reduce base PvP daily runs, increase rewards to match - to speed dailies

As something already on the dev team radar, dailies are taking a bit too long.
Given PvP attempts per tournament are ranging from 6 to… 10 with Followers, times 3 tournaments, this equates to a lot of time potentially spent.

In order to shorten this time with very minor code changes, but keeping things balanced and engaging, I’d suggest for consideration (at least some of) the following:

  • Reduce base PvP runs from 6 to ~4, leave bonus follower runs unchanged (new sample range, 4 to 8, up to 6 less runs per day)
  • Increase rewards and trophy progression to match (>=50% for example);
  • Remove the win streak counter - this minimizes both the impact of reducing daily runs, and luck based bad runs causing frustration to losing a streak. The leaderboards would remain perfectly balanced, you have less code & complexity to maintain, it’s a win-win :slight_smile:
  • Reduce your leaderboard position range from considering the best 10 runs to the best 8 instead, to account for the lower amount of attempts.


  • Increase quick play rewards slightly, for the players who might enjoy PvP, to account for the reduction in runs (and to make it slightly more viable, since it’s not particularly fun nor rewarding atm).
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