Suggeted changes to PvP

So, PvP is kind of boring and repetitive at the moment; aside from the different colours we have to wear, and a new type of weapon, it’s the same old thing 3 times a day. This has led to me not even bother with 33 per day, but just getting my tier 6 rewards and then do just enough to float around the top 10 of all 3 tourneys.

So, I have some ideas that I’d like some feedback on, that I think would create a more varied experience which would force us to think a little more creatively and make the matches a little more interesting.

I know the devs won’t go for it, but the community always has interesting opinions.

  1. Each tourney takes place in a different stage, the same music 33 times a day starts to do my head in. Or, even better, each turn happens in a random stage.

  2. Make the restricted tourney is also restricted with scoring: only give bonuses for remaining health/armour/resistance, and turns taken.

  3. Make Elite tourneys require the same spell colour as the required gear colour. This will encourage players to try new play styles and experiment with new spells.

  4. Introduce a 4th tourney: any colour, any weapons, but players have to use a specific hero class.

The idea behind all of this is to allow different players with different styles a chance to showcase their various skills.


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I’ve thought of number 4 being a great idea before but given the battle scroll and spell scroll changes it restricts the number of powerful heros you can have. Not such a great idea anymore.

For me PVP is my least fun event. Its “just fine” and to this day I find myself struggling to get motivated to do it. I try to get the gems and honor for the week, but doing the amount of matches that I can do every day (33) is not how I want to spend my time.

That being said, I would love to see a way to make it better, and some of these ideas have some merit.

I don’t think more convoluted rule sets is the way to fix PvP. For you it is boring and repetitive, for others it is probably too hard. I personally find it quite fun. It is currently the most challenging format available in the game.

The latest iteration is probably the best version so far.

I don’t know if making a bunch of different rule sets will help at all. Each of the different versions you have suggested will suffer the exact same “boring after a while” effect. Also likely, the leaderboards will look very similar as they do now.


I too support the above view. No more changes needed. I know the present format is pretty tough. But everything can’t be easy.

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I’m just a mid level player (I hope :slight_smile: ) My gear is still 2 colored so those elite one colored tourneys are not yet for me. I’m only platinum in the open. And I can only do 10 battles. I mainly do Versus for the honor to get the Glyph. I lately seem always to end up in the top10 although I never understand how that can happen with my crappy gear.
1/ Some variation in stage/music : sure.
2/ That would just promote tank build and punish glass cannons. (don’t know how you call that in this game )
3/ not doing that yet, so why not
4/ I think this would be boring. Variation of enemies seems more appealing to me.

Personally I would like to see some extra (read : a lot of) honor for the first 20 players or so on top of the gems. Would give me at least a decent reason to choose some more difficult fights. Now it’s just who gives the most thropies and against which one am I most likely to win (as to not loose out on honor)


I agree.
Best iteration till now, the last one, I mean.
Sadly that does not mean its good or fun now … its just better then before … but I have the same problem as threadopener, I have to force myself to do it daily.
And I fail doing it more and more often …

It’s not tough though, that’s one of the issues. It’s easy to win the matches, but they’re all the same.

Having to switch your tactics up would make it more interesting.