2.3 PvP Details

With our next update releasing next week and the patch notes not too far away, we wanted to share the PvP section specifically in advance!

To continue sharing information about the changes we are making, while also gathering and passing along your feedback and experiences!

Again, as we have said time and time before, PvP is a constant project being worked on currently and will be in a period of review for some time.

But enough from me, here is a sneak peak at next weeks patch notes.

Versus Updates

Opponent Item Abilities in Versus

  • Opponents in Versus will now get the full benefit of their Gear abilities
    • We are hoping to provide a more true experience on fighting a hero. These abilities can be previewed before entering battle by checking an opponent’s stats before battle.
    • Note that spell set bonuses are not applied to the opponent

Matchmaking Updates

  • We have made a change to how the three opponents are chosen. Currently the options presented are based on your perceived power level, your level, and your points in the Tournament. These were intended to present a few different options not purely based on power. However, these options have understandably brought frustrations among the competitive players vying for the top of the leaderboards. In order to help alleviate some frustrations, we have made the following changes.
    • The three opponent options will now be based on:
      • Within +/- 10% of your perceived strength
      • Greater than +10% of your perceived strength
      • The highest strength player in your league
    • Opponents you already have a top score registered against should not appear again as possible opponent options. So in the case of the highest strength player in your league, it should grab the next highest, then the next, etc.
    • You can sometimes be presented with opponents who did not meet the criteria of the tournament. This can happen if there was absolutely no one else within the matchmaking criteria for you. If this happens again now, we now check for possible opponents again but without any power level restrictions (so could be presented with characters much stronger or weaker than usual).
      • This may still happen under certain circumstances, but less often than before.

Ongoing Versus development update

  • Thank you to everyone who has been providing us feedback and being patient as we implement changes to Versus. We believe that the changes make for a more interesting gameplay experience, but understand that it can be frustrating. We’re still keeping an eye on all your feedback to help improve the mode going forward.
  • In 2.4, we’re hoping to introduce some changes to scoring bonuses, so that it won’t be purely based on your remaining Armor/Life/Resistance.
  • Beyond that, we also have plans about bringing further parity to the opponent heroes in Versus, so that it can really feel like you’re fighting another hero, and how we can address having so many Versus battles to do each day at the end game level.

These news sound promising, not only implementing the matchmaking changes asked by many players, but also some exciting improvements to opponents.

I will be honest, as soon as I read that the opponents will have their item abilities, I started sweating. How many times have I been grateful for bloodfang twinblade opponents not to have the +crit chance bonus? But then I realized that this will make PvPs much more exciting and challenging, not just an easy daily task to get resources. I am looking forward to try those changes.

Thank you for all your efforts in trying to improve the game and for listening to our neverending complaints.

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I believe there is something crucial here. What do you mean with a top score registered? Having 1 battle with perfect score (points plus the +30% for full health/armor/resistance)? Or having all 10 battles with perfect score? If it is the former, that would open the door to the following exploit:

We are in the first scenario, once you get 1 max score against an opponent you won’t be able to play against it again. Imagine you are in a tourney with a clear top player. Let’s say the strongest gives 3000 base points and the next 2900 points. A player wins perfectly against both the first and second players and gets 3000x1.3 + 2900x1.3 = 7670 points. Now, a player that is able to win against the top player just a bit short of a perfect win twice gets, let’s say 3000x1.28 twice = 7680… And voilà, by not getting a perfect score against the top opponent, now they are ahead of everyone else.

I just want to make sure we won’t end in that kind of scenario.

Yes, I think it can happen.
Also what about the once perfectly defeated opponent improves their gear mid-tourney? You had perfect score about them which is lesser, than a ‘current’ perfect score, and cannot redo.

Also what about ‘always gives the top player’ in the third slot, and I cannot defeat them? Then I will effectively have two slots (one worthless, because the equal strength player will not give enough points for advancement) and one we know about that they will be a higher level than the first. Will it work for advancement?

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At this stage it’s if you’ve fought against them before and it’s registered as any of your top scores - but we are also still looking at having that opponent be available to fight more than once, so you can try for a better score!

The latter required a more significant change so it was not implemented in this update.

As for gear changes etc, we are only recording improvements in Gear Score but I have passed this on to the team to consider - as currently if you improve your score (and therefore point value) you can’t attain that new point value.

My understanding of the choice of 3 opponents is that you should always have a stronger opponent available, but if they are one of your top scores they won’t appear in that rotation.
But another one we will have to watch how it runs once live.

And like everything, we are taking on all feedback and then making changes when they don’t work.

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This is good and might make fights more challenging. Though at the top end, will have to see if that makes a difference as the power levels are so high it may not matter when both sides are effectively One-Punch Man to the other.

Raising an eyebrow on this. Didn’t immediately think of the tactic Hagure mentioned, but that is a valid point. Though, in my mind, it sounds like a “perfect” score is now a perfect score against each of the top 10 opponents in the tourney as each opponent disappears after a perfect match against them. Unless the gear item effects are going to make that much of a difference (magic 8-ball says not likely, try again later), there’s going to be an awful lot of perfect tourney scores going forward until the new scoring formula is implemented in 2.4. Will have to see what happens.

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Thank you for clearing that doubt, I appreciate it. I think I like how it may work. If all will be able to get the same opponents, the ability to get perfect scores against them will be the key to get to the top, and I believe that is more interesting than just being based on your stats. I am really looking forward to the new system, there will always be some issues and unhappy players, but I believe PvPs are slowly getting better and better. Good work!

However, after your explanation another question comes to my mind : once you get a top score against an opponent will we be able to get them again if that scores stops being a top one (if we have gotten other 10 scores above that) or once marked as a top score will they never appear again?

Thank you for your time, help and hard work.

According to the last answer from @Jeto it seems opponents disappear after a top score, no need to be perfect, so we won’t be having what I describe. Still, it also seems that there will be a “perfect score” as you said, just that it will require some ability since a non-perfect score against the top 10 will leave you out of it. I like that ability becomes more important than just gear, stats and levels. It is nice if anyone can take the top as long as they are able to get perfect scores.

Yes, they’ll show up again if they’re not one of your current top 10 scores!

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Good, those are good news. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like the changes in the PVP a lot! Even with the full spell of the opponent on the first turn. Sometimes I survive, sometimes I don’t. It makes it challenging and exciting.

Open tourney: huge difference from previous weeks. I was always ended between 90-100 place. Today I was one battle away from becoming #1.

Restricted tourney: I became #1, but for a very short period, and now I am 11th.

Elite tourney: here I don’t have high end gear, I am playing with epics, so I am forced to battle weaker opponents. I tried battling the strongest one and I managed to get all of his resistance down. Then he got 90k crit and that was it for me. In any case, I like to have this challenge and to try to improve myself and get the win.

Looking forward to how the week will end.

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I agree that the changes have made PvPs more challenging and exciting, every battle I had to carefully check the opponent and adjust my build. Plenty of time needed, but it did feel closer to a competition against a real player.

However, I don’t like the full mana spell issue, not having even the slightliest chance is no fun at all.

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Scoring algorithm is fatally flawed. :pensive:

Once you clear the top 10 scoring opponents…

All you get as the highest scoring opponent is the 11th highest scoring opponent, leaving no opportunity to improve your score in the tourney against those top 10 scoring opponents.

Also, Citadel +Block bonus does not appear to be applying at all in PvP currently.

Passed your screenshot on @Lyrian & the team is looking into why it may not be taking your last 5 battles into account as people it should avoid.

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Came here to repeat just what @Lyrian posted. Same results here. Once you post a score from a player in the top 10 you mever see them again. I know the plan is to prevent us from having 10 scores from the top player. Idont have a solution for ya, but pvp is pointless halfway through day 2 at this point.


In this New weeks PvP tornements, i have won 7 battles, but just as the win confirmation is about to be confirmed my player dies and this results in Defeat. This is not right. If you defeat your opponent that that should be it and that is a win.

This new PvP update etc is really annoying Please Fix

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The same happened to me

Are you noticing your opponent is triggering Reflect on your fatal damage?

If someone is able to grab a video, that would be super helpful to see what it is, but it does sound like refelect

I have experienced this due to Warlords mantle’s ability to reflect damage. Unlike reflect it does not show on the battle screen, so it is easier for players to miss it.

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Yet another 3 open tourney matches won & then as yesterday when i won 6 matches, just as the win sign is about to come up, my character dies. So not only don’t i get the win to move up the leaderboard, but i end up loosing cups…

Please sort this fault out… A win is a win, not a defeat after the match has clearly ended.

I have now in 2 days won 9 matches, but turned defeat after the match has clearly ended​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: