Cheating in PVP

Player gets top spot in pvp elite tournament and then after a few days starts taking his gear off so you can’t gain a higher score than his average- why is this allowed?

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Your gear should be locked in…
If not this is yet another flaw in their broken system. I will write a post tomorrow more about this. The whole pvp system is broken now. Its super frustrating and doesnt even work properly.
Im just going to sleep on it and i will write more on it tomorrow.
IMO they should just get rid of it now as it’s a complete joke.

I believe you are talking about a scenario where there is a strongest player that gives more points than what they receive, so they decide to lower their gearscore to avoid others surpassing them. This is a real situation, since it happened to me last week. Depending on the gear I used, I gave enough points for others to surpass me or not.

In this case I am first concerned about the unfairness of a system where the strong get surpassed by weaker opponents because they get paired against each other so that the weaker get more points. If a player is giving X points, I believe they should be paired against opponents that give +X points. That way there would be no need to change gear to deny points to others.

So the main problem here, in my opinion, is that different criteria are used to decide opponent pairing and how many points each player gives. I believe that the points given by a player should be fixed and not be dependent on the gear they are wearing. That way players wouldn’t be able to manipulate how many points they give.


I wrote something in regard to this in the other thread (I think everything should really be summed up in a single feedback thread):

I think maybe as the best and easiest temporary solution (until the best one gets figured out and implemented), the highest used gear setup should be locked in as an opponent preset (so you are still able to adjust things, but won’t cheat), together with the option to be matched against yourself (for the concern of the highest players).

Credit for the gear setup lock-in goes to TRJoker - I saw him writing this in global ingame chat.

(maybe it’s also what Santandrix means, but with a little more explanation)


Every stupid person, and even my 4 year old child told me so… Dad If you are already in first place in the Tournament and you have the most Points… Then for the rest of the tournament… as his main character… he will take off the best items… … And no one will score more points than you… Ok, I understand the developers of the game - UwU and ideas for the game come from a computer science lesson in kindergarten

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So, this explains why I was ranked really high in the beginning, but when I later matched against players who were surpassing me, they were only “worth” 3,200 points at the most. Some of the top players I drew last night were “worth” less than 3,000. In order to even add to my score at this point, I need to score over 4700–an impossible score to hit even when you thrash a 3,200 on the first swing.

Meanwhile, I’m getting “matched” like crazy in the tournament. Hundreds and hundreds of battles already. A little birdie told me I was “worth” over 3,800. Well, yeah. I still have all my gear on!

Am I reading the tea leaves correctly?


Sadly, I have seen several times how the player giving most points gets lower placement. I have both suffered it and benefited from it.

Same. But as an honest player I will leave my gear where it is. Not sure how to view the own value like HinnFalni mentioned they were told about, but curious about it.

Maybe this post leads to penalties for players using that kind of glitchy possibility to hinder others to reach better ranks, maybe not …

But I like the idea to fix chosen gear for the whole season if possible. And for being able to participate you would have to hit an confirmation button knowing EXACTLY THIS gear will be locked. So players have to think twice if they want to get less points or maybe suffer from being victims to others who are able to squeeze high values out of them.

Edit 1: Just saw my last thought was posted first from @IPDN in another thread.

Edit 2: Another idea could be to reduce ranking points automatically if you lay hands on your gear afterwards (after hitting any confirmation button if locking the gear is not possible). - Or the value should be determined from your actual ranking points and not from your gear score so players who are able to defeat better ranked opponents are better rewarded as well.

Edit 3: To my personal moraly point of view this issue is more urgent than any other task on the table. If you haven’t seen this coming up beforehand you should correct the “problem” asap (and not with 2.3, 2.4 or somewhere else in the future)

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First of all, using the weakness of a games mechanic is not cheating.
Its cheeseing.
And you should not blame the players for it, its a matter of good gametesting, Devs thinking about what they do in front of doing it and a lot of developing experience and profesionality.
Besides looking on other games some times may help too.
You may decide yourself what is lacking here.
(Tip: you can choose more then 1 point)

Well, the problem with the naked players can be solved easily, just take the best gs used by a player in a tourney as base for the score he gives and dont lower it, just highen it if he uses better gear.

But that will not the solve the problem that the whole mechanic is not fair and not good.
It punishes good players.
And even worse, it punishes the whales for being whales.
Dont think that this is a good idea if one depends on them cause of exorbitant prices that only few players can afford.

Besides its boring to do 30 fights in a row were you know from the beginning, no matter how you win them … it will change nothing.
I get paired against the same players over and over again.
Some times 4 and more times in a row the best player I am paired against is the same.
I would not care if he would give me a chance to climb up on ladder … but … no way and i know it before the fight.
So I win 10 fights and nothing happens.
Allways against the same bunch out of at most 10 ppl.
Next day, rinse, repeat … in 3 tourneys.
It takes a lot of time, rewards are ok therefor, but it is … boring and demotivating

Think about a way to implement real PvP Dev … or take it out of the game.
This is still crap.
Its much better crap then before, but its still just crap.
Sorry for the harsh words, I am a nice guy normally.
Just my 5 cent.


The fights in PvP are now pretty good, and I think the new scoring system has potential to evolve into something that has meaning.

Currently the scoring is flawed because it can be manipulated by players.

I agree that there is no fault on the players here that are doing this. Playing within the rules is all we can expect from a diverse and large field of participants. The rules are at fault. The PvP scoring should be fair and equal for all players in the tournament.

I know the dev team wants to not have a situation where we all tie for 1st place and get fat gem rewards, but this current iteration is not the solution that is going to make anyone happy.

Currently if a player picks the highest potential opponent and win every fight with flawless heath, armor, and resistance, there is a possibility of finishing well out of first place. This result will demotivate even the most hard-core players. In the current state of the PvP game, the outcome is determined by the scoring and matchmaking more than the performance in the tournament.

Also, playing 33 fights a day in pvp is insanity! Please lower the number of fights per day to participate in PvP.

@Kafka , is the above change that you made in the patch notes getting implemented correctly ? Or has some players found a way to circumvent this ? Anyway, the scoring system in the new PvP is a total mess. Though I must add I do enjoy the new PvP fights more than the earlier, short, mainly skull damage ones.


Given all the PvP comments seem to be going here, +1 for PvP now taking too long. 33 fights a day is way too many. It takes way too much of my daily free time doing them all. I’d like to see the number of daily fights halved.

I prefer the option of counting only the best gear you use rather than penalizing you for changing your gear. I usually use two types of gear during the PvPs, one slower to ensure finishing key battles at full everything, and another one faster for battles I won’t be getting points from. Not being able to change between them would make PvPs worse for me.


Someone here did write above the fights in PvP are now pretty good.
No, they are not, they are just better then before. Much better.
But far away from good PvP.
Good Pvp fights are something complettly diffrent, sorry.
I play PvP since 40 years in diffrent genres, and this is the most NOT PvP I have seen until now.
PvP means playing against a human normally, not against a KI … thats what gives adrenalin.
But well if you always have eaten old, hard, rotten bread, an old hard not totally rotten cake is heaven.

And second, the real problem here is not that ppl cheese, as said, its very easy to solve this problem. And if Dev would have done what he said he did, it would not be possible to cheese this way. But Dev seems not to tell us the truth always.

The real problem is, the whole scoring mechanic behind this is unfair and not thaught about well.
The whole mechanic of this so called PvP is not.

So just solving the cheese problem, however its solved, will not make it good and also will not fix the main problem.
I do understand perfectly that the whales are not happy with that mechanic and they pay this game for us all.
If they go … or stop paying … nobody will play anymore very fast.
Think about it.

I am against locking the gear. Here is why - for the Elite tourney this week I started with my assassin using yellow gear and purple spells. However, on the next day I decided try with my Shaman with yellow spells. I had to upgrade some gear, and spells, but in the end it worked better than the assassin.

I do not have sets and weapons of every color for every tourney, and I don’t know what will work for a specific tourney.

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Is that fun?
Or good or in anyway worth investing time?

Decide yourself …

I am against locking gear too. I can upgrade something during the week, or try something new and better combination. If the gear score is calculated as written in 2.2 patch notes, it would be no problem, we can upgrade, but can’t change the calculated gear score with the downgrading.
And we would definitely like better matching.

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Nobody wants to lock gear.
It was about loging gearscore of best gear you use throughout a tournament and dont change it if you downgrade to a lower gearscore.
So the best gear that you did use will be loged by engine and taken for calculation of score.
You still can change to lower gear then, but it will have no effect on calculation of the score you give anymore.

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The perfect example is what happens to Hinn, everyone can see the PvP is broken, I respect all players, but an example of a good solution would be if you start with Assassin and later you switch to mercenary. You receive a warning that if you switch you’re going to start from 0


Cheezing the scoring system aside, it was barely tolerable before the update to try and speed through 33 battles with turn 1 wins. Now with the doubled, tripled, and even longer time to get through PVP is absolutely turning me off playing the mode at all after getting the main rewards … zzz

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