PvP tournament matchmaking is unfair

I’ve attempted to start a new PvP tournament my lvl 34 character with 700 gear score has been matched against a lvl 50 opponent with over 1500 gear score.

There is absolutely no chance I can win this fight at all, so why have I been matched against this opponent?

This matchmaking never occurred before the previous update.

There doesn’t seem to be an option to ignore this fight and select another opponent. This is purely a waste of my daily PvP tokens.

Take a look at Kira’s trophy amount, it’s because Kira just started playing PVP last week and has been placed in the same Bronze league as you. You are correct, it’s unfair, the only way to ignore the fight is to enter it and retreat on Turn 0 without making a move. You lose the PVP token but you can keep your win streak intact. Try not to start PVP so quickly after weekly reset and your chances of having to come across higher level opponents drops, as there is a bigger pool of people to match up against with a near enough gear score.

PVP hasn’t been touched by the devs since early access began, hopefully this is something they can look at.

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If everyone was playing genuinely to win, then that could be the reason. But I think with that gear score and minions they are much more likely gaming the system.

They are deliberately losing most of their battles to reduce their trophy count, while still being able to do a run of victories to tie for first place prize. Since there is no incentive to advance to higher leagues - prizes are exactly the same but a potentially tougher pool of opponents, they play the system to remain with the easiest pool of opponents.

With 8/9/10 battles per day, 7 days, it only takes 15 victories to tie first place. Allow a few more for less than perfect boards, but could still be looking at 4+ days worth of battles to lose to outweigh the trophy gains of winning.

I know I encountered multiple players on negative trophies when I was in Bronze league, all with much better weapons and armour, and some able to one shot new players after they have moved the board the first time.

PVP really does need some attention.

Agreed. I have even considered “smurfing” to avoid going to the highest league. There is no incentive to going up a league. Going up in leagues only makes it more difficult to win gem rewards.

Hey everyone!

Looking at the time of the post, I can see it was written within 30 minutes of weekly reset (midnight UTC) so not many players would have begun playing the Tourneys yet.

This means the pool of opponents would be quite small and so when the game couldn’t find anyone else at a similar Level and Gear Score to Dav3 within the same league, it’s selected the next best available opponent in the league, which was Kira, the level 50 player who had just started playing Tourneys so hasn’t climbed up the Tourney Tiers yet.

I’ve have passed this feedback on to the Dev Team as something to look in to.

Thanks for shearing this feedback, it’s much appriciated :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

True, close to reset I have had ten battles against the same opponent, the only other player who had started PvP after weekly reset .

However, I’ve never had the feeling that the game matched me with someone my gear score but more with people with my trophy score as mentioned. So this can lead to imbalance when some players just don’t okay PvP for a long while. I myself am hanging back from others in the kingdom whonsoend all PvP tokens, I just spend the tokens that get me to the place I wanted to reach and mostly stop for the rest of the week as there is already so much to do each day.