[Not a bug] PVP is not functioning correctly since update

I am really confused with PVP since the update? I don’t understand the scoring, opponents seem to be doing way more damage then they should be and also the Restricted/Elite PVP is showing opponents that are using minions with the wrong Element colour.

It’s definitely not playing the same and it’s very frustrating and not enjoyable at all.

Can you please have the Dev’s look into this as PVP is all screwed up since the update.

Here is an example: Tournament of Dark - Only Dark or Non-Elemental Gear & Minions may be used yet this opponent is using a Blue & Red Minion.


If there are not enough active players partaking in a restricted tourney (or even none), it will pull in similarly matched opponents from quick battles. This does include players with loadouts that don’t meet the restrictions, unfortunately. Has been passed on as feedback previously.

In regards to damage received, we haven’t made any intentional changes to how opponents apply damage. As in no buffs or anything for them - UPDATE:

There was a bug where bonuses from your account progression (Citadel, Gong, and Goals etc) were not getting applied when your Hero appeared as an opponent AI in Versus. So you appeared as an easier opponent than you actually are - which is why now you may be facing opponents which feel more difficult.

Thanks @Jeto

I appreciate the reply but surly you understand that it’s called a Restricted event for a reason in which it Cleary states what the restrictions are and yet the Devs code the game in a different way.

I really can’t believe what I am reading. This needs to change by either coding the game correctly or change the rules for the Restricted PVP so it allows more players to be able to play.

I really don’t understand how the devs could possibly think this is ok. If this continues I won’t bother playing myself as I am not going to spend money on a game where the instructions or rules don’t mean a thing. How does this make the game enjoyable!!!


I understand your concerns, but I believe it is necessary to be paired against a bigger pool of opponents. Imagine you are the only one at a certain gearscore in your league. If they only pair you against players from the same league, you will either go against too weak players or too strong players. Worse even, the strongest player couldn’t get first place because they would only fight against lower scoring opponents.

That last issue is a concern of mine. After looking at PvP pairings with a friend, I have seen that in our league we are some players that share similar conditions and get paired against each other. The result? The “weakest” players (the ones that give less points) are above the “strongest” players (the ones that give more points) by at least 2000 points, since they get more points by facing the strongest enemies.

Therefore, I wanted to know if the enemies you are paired against are choosen because they have a similar gearscore as you, or because they give a similar number of points as you. I believe it should be the latter, because otherwise the players that at same gearscore give more points (which should mean they are strongest) are at disadvantage.

I give an example. In the silver open tourney, Panther and Anjara give less than 2000 points as opponents, while autumn and me give around 2200 points (checked with Anjara). If the points given reflect the “strenght” of a player, how is it possible to have such scores? I only get paired against players with both lower gearscore and given points (mostly Anjara and Panther), but Anjara has been paired several times against higher gearscore and given points players (for example, autumn and me). We are finishing all fights at 100% armor/life/resistance, so that does not affect.

Is there any explanation for this apart from luck? Shouldn’t we be paired against players that give a similar amount of points as ourselves?

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These past few days I have been having thoughts on the fairness of the new system. I’m 50/50.
In a way I think it is unfair to users with lower gear score, but in another way it seems completely fair.

Let me elaborate.

I do not have friends to compare results with, but I have been looking at the top player in the Champion league. In the restricted tourney they have 45 743 points, which is 4500 points per battle on average. For the same tourney with my gear score I usually get suggested players that have points in the range +1700-2200. On very rare occasions I get someone higher. This means I am stuck between 30-35 thousand points, unless I get very lucky with the suggestions. When I look at it this way - I feel it is very unfair.

But then I am like “Well, you are not as strong as them, so you are not supposed to be placed as high as them. Invest the glyphs and relics, improve your gear score and you will get there.” And this is completely fair.

I guess I’m leaning more towards it being fair, and that’s why I didn’t post a comment.

To answer your questions based on my observations - I am usually paired with players around my gear score, so I would consider it as luck. I have also noticed that a certain player gives me the same amount of points each battle.

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I am not happy with the new pvp changes at all. This is more torture than anything amd i don’t even think the point system is working correctly. I was going to play for the rewards but in the elite mode i did all 10 fights and didn’t even go up a thousand on my overall.
Makes absolutely no sense.
Why try and fix something that wasn’t broken.
Great job team.

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I’ll add my insights into that matter, because that player is me (now at 48 831 points, which as you mention is over 4880 average per battle).

For the record, I don’t get anywhere near that kind of score in a battle 80+% of the time. But, as only the top 10 scores count, a player only needs 1 or 2 miracle scores per day to add up over the course of the week.

For example, in today’s battles I ran into two players who gave me scores of 4912 and 5054. On Day 1, I was able to beat another player 4x for 5k points each. What’s the common link between the players? They have citadel levels around 300, whose bonus stats flow straight into their base scores.

So, the key to high ranking is that you need to be wielding gear scores of 3k+ (preferably very close to or at 3300), while fielding citadel levels 200+ (preferably 250-300+) and defeat opponents (when they appear) of these power levels while maintaining 100% armor, life, and resistance during the winning round. That’s no small task.

On the flip side, as purple is not one of my main colors, it is mathematically impossible for me to earn all of the basic weekly participation rewards ( I can only reach Tier 4 of 6 in both Restricted and Elite Champion leagues). Incredibly frustrating, At this point, I am only running them as Honor farms selecting the easiest battle that is offered to be each round, because my score for the week is already effectively capped.

For the newer players, these changes are brutal once they reach the higher leagues and quite soulcrushing. They’ll never have a chance against the vets and the space whales, unless they are a space whale themselves.


The problem I see with pairings based on only gearscore is that players with similar gearscore give really different amount of points. Then, a situation like the one described in my previous post happens: players that have a “value” of 2200 points get paired against players with a “value” of less than 2000 points, so they score lower than those 2000 “value” players that get paired against the 2200 “value” ones.

I believe the only way of having fair pairings is using the point value, so that if I give 2200 points, I get paired against opponents that give similar points.

Is this how it is supposed to work, Jeto? Restricted and Elite tourneys are working as I would expect, but in open tourney I get paired all the time against players that give at least 200 less points than me, so that I have a way lower score in open than on the other 2 (which doesn’t make much sense).


@Jeto I have another question: does PvP pairings depend on the time of the day you are playing? I have seen that at some times I get paired all the time against specific players, while at others they never appear. If this is true then it is completely unfair, since the players that can play during the time range where the strong opponents appear get an advantage over the players that cannot. I hope I am mistaken, the chance to go against the strongest players is the key to get a good place on the leaderboards, so I believe that this chance should only be based on how strong you are.

In the patch notes it is said

I think it means that it shouldn’t matter what time you are able to play. But I also feel this.
Because my purple team’s gear score is a bit weaker than the opponents I can defeat, I want to meet opponents with similar (preferably a bit higher) tourney points. But I don’t get opponents who are worth enough to advance my ranking. Also almost everybody’s level is 50.
@jeto Are you considering Citadel levels when saying ‘level’ or not?

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Not Jeto, but I can say with complete certainty that from my perspective, yes it is.

I have to wonder that for some players that their citadel level is so high that they are outside the reach of players pulling them as opponents with citadel levels under 200ish.

Also, these players have already broken the new PvP system already in only 4-5 days. The topmost players can beat any player in the game with a single 3 skull or 3 gem colored mana match, damage scales so badly out of control.

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Please fix pvp :pray: it is truly broken now. And took away a fun part of the game for me. I think it was fine as it was. Now it is garbage.

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Another point. With the help of a friend I have just confirmed that by changing the gearscore used in PvP battles the points given when others defeat me change… Is this intended? I was expecting it to be based too on max possible gearscore. Otherwise, we will again be in a situation where players use lower gearscores, in this case to avoid giving more points to opponents.

In this screenshot you can see how the points I give change with the loadout I use. The change seems to be in real time, since as soon as I did a battle with a different loadout the score changed (last 3 battles).

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That is my concern. It seems the pairing is based in a different way than the number of points given. Therefore, people with a high score value compared to their pairing value will be at a disadvantage, because the players that get paired against them will get more points than themselves. I believe that pairing should also take into account the player “strenght” (how many points it gives).


The Citadel differences are on our radar for sure and we’re hoping to improve the matchmaking more in the next few of updates.

Going into changing the PVP scoring and matchmaking, and it being a large change, we knew there would be further tweaks and adjustments to be made so we’ve been keeping an eye on the data and your feedback so we can work on getting it closer to an ideal state.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and details about how the new scoring has been working for you so far!


Offering an opponent, that cannot give better point than your current average (flawless defeat with full HP, armor and resistance) is wasteful. There is no point-affecting streak, you can get the Honor and nothing else.
Perhaps one opponent from the three for honor-farmers.
The other two should be such as bettering you points could be possible, maybe an easier and a harder, riskier one.

Yup not happy :frowning: matched up against powerful dark opponents in fire tourney means i have to deny them skulls AND deny them dark gems + match fire gems to load myself up (more matches = more opportunities for skulls to drop) which is really bad when i dont have an armor regenerating spell in fire

The pairing definitely seems way off. I have a gearscore of 2825, I give over 2200 points to other opponents, and I am getting paired against this… Not exactly fair I would say…

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Just a spontaneous idea:

Maybe make it a selection of 5 opponents - 1 weaker, 1 or 2 almost the same and 2 or 3 stronger (if possible).
For the players with the highest gearscore in their league, it could be enabled to be matched against yourself sometimes (if they try to “cheat” to make it easier for themselves somehow (change minions?), the competitors wouldn’t be at a disadvantage, as they play against the same build).

This way everyone could find the opponent they want for their need/current possible build - ranging from just thrown together (probably applies to most players in restricted and elite, which also applies to myself and is kind of frustrating to play :sweat_smile:), to okay and to really good.
Playing against weaker opponents obviously gives less points and less rewards, but in doing so at least I could have some fun and get some of the rewards, until i get better gear/builds for each restriction. :slight_smile:

Edit: after scrolling up again, I see I could have been influenced subconsciously by KerGiz previous post, who wrote something similar in concept.^^

Edit 2: Subconsciously? Unconsciously? I don’t even know, writing in another language is hard, but I will stop editing this now, so I hope the point is clear. xD


While I understand your frustration, with a bit of luck I think it is manageable.
In the Elite tourney I am playing with assassin with all purple spells and yellow gear, so I am in a similar situation - I have to deny the opponent yellow gems, match purple for my spells, and also the skulls.

My gear is all epic, so I am usually matched against weaker opponents. However, I was matched against some stronger ones and managed to defeat them getting 3000, 3200 and 3500 points. I was matched against Pyrdacor (#1 in the tourney currently) and I was very close to defeating him/her.

The rest of my scores are between 1400 and 1750, yet I do not feel discouraged. I will try out different classes and spells to see if I can improve my survival chances and score. Yours look great for a first day, despite the losses.

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