Not enough points available in PvP

This week, I’m unable to get the last tier of tourney rewards in my Elite tourney - not the leaderboard gems, but the honor, gems, and gold from the last tier - because I’m never offered high enough battles to get those points.

In the past three days, I have been sitting just a few hundred points shy of that last tier. Every day I’ve fought every battle, won every one, gotten perfect scores on most, and haven’t been able to improve my point total at all. I’m #10 on the leaderboards, so it’s unlikely I’m the only person having this problem.

I understand the difficulty in creating a fair leaderboard system, but can we at least make it so that we have a chance to get the other rewards every week? I’d rather try and fail than just never even get a chance.

EDIT: I just realized it shows your current streak. I’m at 35 in that tourney, and I get 10 battles per day. At least half the tourney has gone by without a single battle being offered that’s high enough to get the top-tier rewards.

I know that feeling. Even if I do all the sigils for pvp.

The top 10 aspect of this system is mental. The enemies are either too strong to beat or too easy to give points. Why they don’t just make the required score for the tiers much higher, and add every point you earn to progression towards it, is beyond me.