[Not a bug] 3 Day Event Leaderboard

I just finished my 21st fight (winstreak in pic) but I did not get awarded the 1770 points towards the leaderboard to put me at 32640 with the other 2nd places. Please correct.

You have to tag @Jeto if you want any attention to your thread.
Hope this helps

Already had it open, I do not need to be tagged in bug reports :sparkles:

I know I’ve got you busy Jeto bit will this be resolved before events end? I guess I could just be compensated post Event.?

@Cheesy I have some of the devs looking into this currently, if there is an issue we will either:

  • Get it sorted before the event ends, as there is just over 19 hours remaining. So anything unresolved tonight, can be investigated further tomorrow.
  • If the event ends before we can get it resolved, we will send compensation to your inbox

But at the moment they are just going through your battles.

Ok great. Thank you Jeto

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Having gone through your logs extensively, checking all 21 battles completed in this event. Your 21st battle did reward 1,770 to your score. Completing 21 battles with essentially a perfect score is equal to 30,870

To get to 32,640 you just need to complete one more battle.

21 battles is the max battles I get for spending 400gems. There isn’t a possible way to fight a 22nd lol. I see others with the same issue. Why am I being shorted points for 1 of my 21 battles? . Therefore I should have the the score of 32640 for 21 fights? How do the few people with 32640 points have all there score correctly?

The players above have purchased more of the Event Dungeon Caches, giving them more Tokens as well as increasing their max.


Looking at your data, your max daily tokens was 7, whereas another player I compared your data to had purchased more caches so their daily max was 11 (like mine).

Why would they spend 500gems to do 1 fight? Also the 1770 I didnt get awarded coincidentally would put me even with them at 32640. Theres no way i got awarded the 1770 into the total or I’d be tied w them. If i spent 500 gems for more fights and played 1 more fight (22nd total)I would get 1800 points and be 30 points ahead of them so something is not right here .

Here are all your battles

1,770 is the maximum score per battle, once you reach this it will not increase. So a 22nd fight would award 1,770 again and not go up to 1,800.

The players higher than you on the leaderboard have purchased the cache multiple times and completed more battles than you have, as they have an increased limit on how many of these event battles they can complete in a day.
They are not spending Gems to do “1 fight” they have spent the Gems to be able to complete a minimum 4 extra battles a day, for a total of (at least) 11 battles a day - 30+ battles for the duration of the event.

With some players spending more Gems to possibly increase their daily event dungeon limit to 21+ battles.

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Am I wrong here or did you not add in the +1770 for the 21st battle. That would give him the 32640 as claimed.

29,100 their score before completing the 21st battle, +1,770 after the battle = 30,870?

Ok, my apologies then. Thought the 30k was before adding the points for the 21st battle.

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Ur chart looks right I suppose. I was not aware that all fights after 500 gem buy award Only 1770. Guess was a coincidence the guys ahead of me at the time all fought only 1 battle so I thought I didn’t get awarded the 1770? Like kenpo told me my result is the same of 300 gems won so doesn’t matter. I really appreciate all your hard work and help keeping this fine community going Jeto :grin: sorry for this I guess my eyes wanted to see something that wasn’t possible lol