Wrong scoring in 3day event

Platform, device and operation system
*Android, Samsung Galaxy M10

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Today I got 4860 score ( starting with 1170) with 4 tokens (also others) while in the past I got 5100 points. There are others in the leaderboard who still got 5100.
Yesterday (saturday)I finished the last event with lower score too: instead of 1830 score points for token 24 to 33 I only got 1770 each!

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
The lower max scoring started to happen after update to 1.01 (Friday evening) .

Steps to make it happen again
There are other players with same problem. Maybe it depends on server?

@Egara, sounds like you have updated your game with the pre-launch patch. Most people have not. See my communication with Kafka below about the matter. Unfortunately it looks like there will be a disconnect until everyone can update.

My update was done automatically by Server and without notice in game or in playstore. There was no possibility to choose.
How can I get back my gems lost?
Until all are updated I cannot play events anymore. So loosing gems and marks too.
Please also consider others who face same problem.

Submit a ticket and provide the information I have summarized. Perhaps they will provide something but I suspect the “compensation” they are providing to all for the limited release issue is meant to cover this issues as well. I am a player like you so I have no say in the issue :slightly_frowning_face:

@Egara looks like they are fixing the issue this week.

Thanks for your answer and related information.
The reaction of the devs was quite fast. As compensation I got 5 diamond keys.
But I am more frustrated not to have the chance getting diamond marks without spending gems for nothing. Because this is the main source for them.