Preparing for update 0.38

Hello Adventurers!

In our next update, game version 0.38, we have made some changes to Events. This was based on feedback that the Event Dungeons and Daily Sieges took too long to complete, and weren’t distinctly different from other game modes.

We will outline the details of these changes in the 0.38 Patch Notes which will be available when the update goes live.

In order to prepare for these changes:

Event Dungeons will not run for a day

There will be no Event Dungeon running on the current game version, 0.37, from 11:59pm GMT Monday 24th October.

This is because the current Event Dungeons are not compatible with the new Events on game version 0.38 so to avoid any problems we are turning off the 0.37 Event Dungeons so there are no version clashes.

Preparing for update 0.38

If you start playing a Daily Siege on the current game version, 0.37, and then update to the new game version, 0.38, on the same day, you will not be able to complete your first Daily Siege.

This is because a NEW Daily Siege will be started after updating to game version 0.38

Any unclaimed Rewards from the Daily Siege on version 0.37 will be sent out at the next Daily reset your account goes through (11:59pm GMT).

See you soon in the next version of Puzzle Quest 3 Early Access! :slightly_smiling_face: :crossed_swords:


Thank you for the clear and timely communication.
It is most appreciated

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eyebrows raised

Looking forward to the new incarnation of Events this coming week.

I am also looking forward to the new version of events (and hopefully some resolution to timeouts) because the event Dungeon got me one last time before it goes, 2 timeouts, 0 points, 0 tokens left

Wonder if we restart at the beginning or if the Tier will carry over (if there even are Tiers)

But also…More storage space, more storage space, more storage space
and I am going to hang onto that regardless of any and all other changes. Anything that moves the needle away from “PuzzleInventory3” is going to be a big + in my book


Shortening Event runs makes sense, especially from a monetization perspective. Players on the forums are generally unanimous regarding Event runs taking too long. Event Dungeon runs are longer than normal dungeons runs, which encourages the timeout issue to occur for players attempting runs on difficulties on the fringe on what they are capable of achieving. This result acts as a barrier for monetization, because it discourages players from buying extra tiers. When players are exhausted, they aren’t going to buy additional runs (no point when when a player doesn’t have the time/energy to actually play those runs).

Addressing this situation should be a win/win for both players and the devs in 0.38.

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Let me help raise the eyebrow some more.