[Reported] 3-day event reset after update

The update just reset the 3-day event which still have one day remaining. Please refund the gems we spent on purchasing tokens. Thank you.



1.4.5 changed the currently active Event dungeon.

No 3-day Event reward e-mail in inbox. Presuming that the previous Event dungeon is still open for those that have not updated to 1.4.5, but those on the new update cannot access that Event dungeon any longer.

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Actually, please refund gems spent for tokens AND gems that would have been earned from leaderboard standing. Thank you.


Same issue here. This continued failure to release relatively bug-free updates is getting tiresome. I expect a full refund of my upgrade fees… quickly.

I am really tired of losing resources to your undiscovered bugs.


Just want to chime in here and state that the same thing happened to me. Pretty frustrating.


Hey, sorry this happened.

I’m talking with the team now about compensation options.


Same thing for me. I’m guessing this happened to everyone.

This happened last update too.


add me to the list as well of people that lost gems spent and rewards. :frowning:

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It’s … Compensation-Time!


add me too please and thank you!

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Same here! Would appreciate compensation of Gems spent to buy tokens I didn’t get to use for 3 days AND of Gems that I would have earned based on leaderboard position.

I would also suggest that, in the future, you time update releases to sync up with the end of the 3 day Event Dungeon. Since this is an ongoing, recurring bug that’s highly problematic and frustrating for your players.


haha I thought I was experiencing some sort of memory issue. Good to know that is not the case. Also, I’d like my gems back. :slight_smile:


This! I THOUGHT I remembered seeing we had another day on the 3day event before the reset!

Also, compensation please. Gems (at least) for everyone!


Can someone who played the Event Dungeon before the update please confirm if you received a reward mail at daily reset today? (an hour ago)

Hi Kafka,

I did receive a leaderboard reward email from the previous Event dungeon today on daily reset.

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Thanks for the confirmation @Lyrian I will try to sort out compensation with the team before the weekend


Me too as Lyrian. Thank you.

We’ve just sent out an in game mail with a partial refund for energy purchased.

You will have the other items in the purchases still.

@Kafka , I haven’t seen the mail with the partial refund yet.

Done all of the usual things: restarted the game, unplugged, re-plugged, and restarted my laptop, blown on the connectors of some NES cartridges for good measure, and so on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you double check to see if the mail has been pushed to players yet?

EDIT: I just received the email in question.


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