[Investigating] Event reset after update

I did my day event and also the three-day event before updating. Now that I have updated my event and three day event show 2/2. As if I had not done them yet. I had spent gems on the cache for the three day event too.

Hey @shmaunpq

What time had you completed the events initially? And did you still have the rewards for completing this event?

I updated about 2 hours ago and did the events about 1 hour before that. So about/ just after 10am and 9am AEST respectively. Unfortunately I have no idea if I still have the rewards as I don’t know how many marks/crests/gold I had after. I opened the chests in the single day event but salvaged everything and not sure from the amount of ore either. So don’t know! Sorry.

The update was released at daily reset, so if you had completed them prior (around 10am/9am AEST as you mentioned) then went back and the events had reset it would be due to it being a “new day” in game.

Unless there is more information I am missing?

Following on from what you said: I must logged into the game just after daily reset without updating even though the update was theoretically available and did the events on 1.3.
After an hour I had access to Wi-Fi so I then decided to update my game.
Upon entering the battles and event TAB in 1.4 I had brand new events and the game had forgotten what I had done.
NOTE: the events were different. The 3 day event pre update was a fire event where matching gems could inflict burn. After updating the three day event is now an ice event. In both cases it was day 1 of the 3 day event.

Separate comment. I wasn’t offered the update in game. I needed to go to the Google Play to get the update

I opened the game one hour after the daily reset and I didn’t have the update installed. The three day event was red. Soon after I installed the update and both events changed to blue. I played the events after the update was installed.