Patch n Dragon Defend

So the patch is downloading an hour before daily reset. It not letting me fight the dragon defend which ends at reset. I always get top rewards. I’d like to receive these since I’m blocked out. Any chance? Also it’s not letting me view the Event leader board.

I have 39 minutes before download is ready FYI. Reset in 9 minutes.

I’ve changed the topic for this thread, as being locked out of a Kingdom is not a bug

Ok so I don’t get my rewards like I do daily then?

24 minutes for my download now

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Guess I lose out because of the patch ? I always score above the 1135000 and get the silver and gold bonus rewards. Pretty annoying.

Did I get forgot about? Lol

Sorry I am a solo human running about - as with every update, if someone in your Kingdom updates before you do, you will be locked out.

I do my best to try and warn everyone about updates releasing and reminding that this can happen (and that it’s not a bug). In this update instance it released slightly sooner than I was prepared for but we do have instances where updates will release before daily reset.

I have asked in the future for these to line up, where possible (as this is not released from our studio side).
But I am not authorised to compensate for being locked out and unable to complete the end of an event.
As everyone in Kingdoms are locked out if someone else has updated before them, and have been affected by this likely in previous updates.
We also cannot change this to not lock you out as having players on different versions within the Kingdom causes things to break.

Unfortunately, the only thing I can recommend if turning off auto update in your settings, to prevent an update being pushed to your account while you are in the middle of an event/battle and where possible, jumping into a KD battle before the final hour.

Sorry I am not able to assist further.

Issues like this have happened before, and unfortunately may happen again. I disable also update to make sure things like this don’t happen to me and I can update when it suits me.