[Reported] After the update my Kingdom Defense crashed

I lost 2 turns already.
Uploading: 1000001853.mp4…

@reYar2802 whats your name code

I’ve passed on this error in the meantime, it looks like something to do with the Season goals…
I’ll get back to you as soon as I can

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@reYar2802 Before you did this KD battle after updating, what were you doing previously?

I was doing dungeons party with my necro, then I stopped and did the update and went to the kingdom to do KD and I switched hero for mercenary.

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Thanks! Should be plenty of info with the error code and what you were doing before.

If I have more questions, I’ll pop them in here

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@reYar2802 are you in a Kingdom with people on XBOX?

I think only one member, because he asked how to connect Xbox with mobile phone

Same issue for out clan top dragon slayer.
His error was:
RE-NKFVJ2TA (one of)
RE-826YW9E5 (another one)

While you are getting an RE error, this is not the same issue. Each RE code is unique and from checking out these ones, this is not the same issue that was reported in this thread.

Can you share the name code for the player experiencing this issue, or your Kingdom name for us to investigate @Born-iN-UssR