[Fix Released] Kingdom battle crashes

With the addition of dream gems I’ve encountered a couple times where a defeated KD(1,135,000 hp) has matched dream gems and gotten regeneration. I’ve proceeded with the battle but get an error code just before the dragon uses there insta-death spell. I believe this is happening because I was doing more damage then the hp the dragon started the fight with and the game doesn’t understand how to process that and subsequently crashes.

Do you have a screenshot of the RE you received?

Others have already reported this and we are looking into it, just to confirm you also experienced the same issue and all RE errors are unique and do not mean everyone has the same problem.

Hello dear support team, Jeto
Kalrsruhe35, guild name, the international,alltime Rank 22
One from my Guildies has even every day the error RE-S9SFL5S2 during the dragon fight.

I wanna say the last 2 patches were a revolution for the game. Maybe now more people might stay and more will come. Just in relation to the prices. Most needed at the start a lot of money and about 3 month to craft their first mythic. I don not wanna know how much left the game. I played mostly every 505game.
Now those who wanna spend, can get more mythic gear as bevore. And maybe this will be exact the reason why 90% quitted before.
Great work from the developers working with the community…i mean working with Kenpo on console which is for us the community leader…lol
Keep on the good work, thank you very much
I would be very pleased and gratefull if you check this error.
Best Regards Karlsruhe35


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@karlsruhe35 I have moved your report to this thread as I believe it’s the same issue - which the team is already investigating

Had this happen to a couple of people in my alliance. Had them uninstall, rebuild database, and reinstall. Seems to be working? But I’ll update you if the issue comes back for any of them.

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I told them just after the error appeared, to deinstall. Helped 1 them. Think now its fixed-
Best regards Kenpo

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