[Reported] Dragons/Dungeons Errors

I’m having errors every time i fight a dragon in kingdom or dungeons/kicks me out.

It counts as i had a fight with dragon with 0 damage and doesn’t get me back when i login again

And counts as i’ve been in a dungeon but no rewards/ new season coins (wasting tries)

EDIT: I figured out it was from landshark boots

Please fix.

It’s from the new legendary landshark boots

Please fix

Can you please attach a screenshot of one of these errors you are receiving, so I can pass this code along to the devs.

Ive had this happen too but i dont feel like wasting time in a match just to bug out for you to get a screen shot.

That’s like doing your job for you.

Does anyone play the game for you?

The error code is unique and once I search it up can tell me the cause of the error experienced, this is not something logged in your game data - or I could grab it

Got it to crash @Jeto during the adventure

Hope this helps

We are on the playstation platform

I can’t continue my Adventure on Dawn Circuit at 71% either. Playing on PS5. Every time I try to enter a BATTLE, the game crashes and gives me the error CE-108255-1.

Submitted numerous reports to Playstation.

It might be purely coincidence, but I am in the same Kingdom as Greenito and Santandrix who have both posted above? (Kingdom is 7th Heaven)

@Dry_As_A_Nuns_Cun your error code, CE-108255-1 is a Sony error and one I cannot look into like our in-game errors - outside of also checking the Sony Support page

@Santandrix thanks for grabbing a screenshot of this error code for us - do you remember who the enemy was and the actions taken for this error appeared?

Also, @Greenito if you experience an error again, can you please share a screenshot so we can check if this is all the same issue

I tried several times but i couldn’t

Let me try again

Platform: PS5

I get this error when i fight dragons also happens in dungeons wearing the new legendary landshark boots

Because once i unequipped it, i stooped getting this error

@Jeto i was playing the last adventure we had. It don’t seem to matter what fight it is that it ends up crashing. I also was wearing the new landshark legendart boots from this seasons ultimate cache. Once i equipped a different pair of boots the crashing stopped.
I’m pretty sure it has something to do with being possessed and the exploding gems.

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We released a fix yesterday around 12 PM AEST - so if anyone experiences another RE error from today, please pop it here and I can check if it is the same issue or a different cause!