[Reported] dragon King adventure

I got just past the merchant and won the fight just beyond, receiving an iron chest. I took no damage during the fight (or too minimal for me to notice). When the game returned to the map screen I was dead with a 100 gems to revive offer.

I’d also received numerous errors for sprite resolution leading up to this stage of the adventure but ultimately it would let me close those to continue playing. However the “dead now” problem seems a bit bigger.

That fight is against an enemy that can have reflect. So generally I would say that you did a final attack that reflected to you and depleted you health. It seems strange because the common issue with reflect is that the “double kill” when you kill your opponent but you die of reflected damage is counted as a loss, so you shouldn’t have received a chest. Maybe this time you did get the win (and chest) but since your health became 0 you cannot continue without reviving.

While I suppose that’s possible, usually when that happens I still see the hero fall to the ground and receive the ‘defeat’ message, neither of which happened this time. As well, when I’m on the map screen, the adventure has advanced to the next enemy to be slain (cockatrice/basilisk icon).

I mean, it’s possible, but if so then there’s a whole OTHER bug to be resolved! The game gave me the victory screen and did advance the adventure as well as giving me the chest, just when I returned to the map it ‘changed its mind’ and it wants me to pay 100 gems to revive.

That is what I find strange, usually reflect-induced double KO means defeat but you clearly got a win. But if, by reasons we don’t know, this time the system worked differently and you got the win even after a double KO, then that would explain it. Remember that this adventure has permanent health, so even if you win the battle you would still have the health remaining from that battle… That means 0 health, so the adventure wouldn’t let you continue unless reviving.

I hope the devs can share some light into this issue.

The missing sprite errors can sometimes be resolved by reverifying your files, if you are playing on Steam. If you are not playing on Steam, can you let me know what device/console and attach a screenshot so I can see if the team can look into it before the holiday break.

I have seen someone else report something similar, where they had full health but then could not continue. Are you still stuck at this point @Khu ?
Also, can I have your account name code.

Yes, still stuck there, still wants gems to revive. I’m playing on Android but don’t have a screenshot of the sprite errors, sorry - it won’t let me upload the screenshot of the revive screen in this reply, so I’ll try to figure out another way to get it up here.

Account name code is KHUTULUN_MGSP

I had another report come through with the same thing, but they were out of energy - so trying to work out if it is just prompting revive instead of directing you to purchase more energy if you want to continue battles for the day.

Looking in your logs from around 18 hours ago (when you made this thread) you had ran out of Adventure energy.

Updated: the other player submitted a video and can see that the final damage dealt to the hero from the enemy well and truly exceeded their health so they should have been defeated, which could also be why the Revive prompt has appeared, but for some reason they were still awarded the win.

I’m not sure how to give you screenshots here, but I’ve got the original one mentioned (of the revive needed screen) and I also after day reset got a screenshot of the error message for the sprites. That one took clicking ‘ok’ 7 times to resolve. The text of the error message is as follows:

Failed to load asset System.Exception: Sprite failed to load for location SD/SA. Resources[adventurecurrency0]… Exception: %2

ETA: I don’t have video of the final blow, sorry!

@Khu it may be best to submit the Sprite errors into a Support ticket, and I can pass them onto the team to investigate further.

I have already reported the Revive message to the team, so no need to videos or screenshots :sparkles:
In the meantime in this instance, I have been authorised to send 100 Gems in this instance to get rid of the Revive prompt.

I’m guessing your experience in your last battle was similar to the other player who reported, where you took likely reflected fatal damage but it still displayed as a win…

It’s a mix of working as somewhat intended and displaying incorrectly/a bug. Likely when you took the fatal damage and should of lost, the battle was considered a win, so the the revive is appearing because the battle was technically lost.

But as mentioned, this has been reported to the team, and they will likely investigate further after we return from the holiday break.

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Reflect, the silent killer… We may need a big warning in huge red letters in the middle of the screen when the enemy gets reflect :yum:.

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Same thing happened to me on PS5, on both the Dragon king Prize and Dawn Circuit. Opted to not play the Dawn Circuit further because the prize isn’t worth the 100 gems.
Before both games started there were 3 quick failure to load messages. Sorry I couldn’t read them fast enough to know what they were.

Yup, was just fighting an enemy with reflect but not paying a huge amount of attention to the battle. I got the victory screen and got the option to open or salvage a chest but now it says I need to pay 100 gems to revive to continue.

Yes, the same thing happened to me, too. I used only skull-generating spells.
The error messages come before (almost?) every new battles in Dragonking Adventure.

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They were there last time this event rolled around. I was able to close them both times and didn’t interfere with the battle. ( I will see if verifying eliminates them.)