[Not a bug] Met gold requirements in KD, got no rewards

Android os, version 1.5 of the game.

What happened: The dragon was killed while I was taking my second attack on Kingdom defense. This second attack got me both individual rewards for KD.

When I finished my attack I was greeted with an error screen (sorry, I didn’t screenshot it) and a game restart. When I went back to the kingdom tab, my attack was recorded, dragon was dead, but I got a reward email with no individual rewards.

Considering how hard it is to get an attack on the dragon these days, I’d really love to get compensated with my individual rewards please? Thank you!

This is not a bug, but a bad implementation. Your second attack did not count toward the score as the dragon is dead, this was discussed multiple time if you search previous threads on KD issues before hand and it will be changed in 1.5.5 when overkill is implemented


Just confirming as Zzhu321 mentioned, we will have Boss Overkill in version 1.5.5 which is coming soon which will cover cases like this. More info on the blog here: https://puzzlequest3.com/kingdoms-changes-in-update-1-5-5/

With all due respect, it is a bug, as the attack was clearly counted in the final tally, as can be seen from the first screenshot.

The fact this is fixed with overkill mode is all well and good, but where does that leave players who get screwed by the bug until then, @Kafka?