Overkill mode for kingdom bosses

Overkill mode is needed to progress and stop kingdom members from blaming each other from not getting a chance to play the mode. Rather than be annoyed/angry/mad at my fellow players for accidentally getting a bad crit or miscalculating damage, I am going to be annoyed/angry/mad at the devs for putting us in this position.

As a player waking up and found that the ‘good’ reward dragon is dead and you’re left with a dragon that will give you rewards that are on par with a lvl 35 diamond chest is…demoralizing.

Speaking of, why are we penalized so much for doing sufficient damage to a dragon but ultimately losing as a kingdom? 50% makes it it pointless to even try, unless you’re at level 20. Because I don’t need a rare relic or more superior shards.


All true … and all said here as well:


And we still have had no response on this one. Lets beat the drum until we have some change.

The rewards and event type are good at tearing kingdoms apart instead of bringing them together.

I don’t understand why the design philosophy seems to be anti-kingdom cooperation for so long.

Please please let us actually work together


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KD right now is pretty much set up so only 20/30 can get full rewards, assuming everyone gets exactly the base amount for full rewards. In the real world its probably more like 15/30. That probably works ok for kingdoms with a strange spread of levels/gear.

Overkill is the best way to handle this because it does not punish any kingdoms with those spreads. They can keep doing their thing. Meanwhile, more evenly matched kingdoms can just hit the boss without having to mentally keep track of damage.

Seriously! The kingdom is under attack from a dragon! And I have to try to not hit it too hard?

Another way to handle this (if overkill is too hard to code correctly) is to just get rid of the reward tiers and give the entire kingdom the rewards for killing the boss. I would personally prefer the overkill. But I could live with plan B also.


As part of our penance for doing too much damage (because that is a thing in the current state of Kingdom Defense) to the Dragon Boss, we have to come here and beg for overkill. Please do us all a favor and add this feature so we do not have to carefully calculate all of our damage during Kingdom Defense runs.


Today we didnt manage to kill a dragon we normally would have. Why? Because everyone purposely stopped short of maximum damage to let others get a chance to fight and in the end not enough participated. This is just one od the many increeibly dumb “symptoms”.


Tired of having to do this stupid dance. Really, why is it set up this way? What intended outcome is being hit by making sure people miss out on your reward system? I don’t get it.

I need @Jeto or @Kafka or @OminousGMan to explain in clear and concise terms

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it would be great if the rewards were spread equally across all those who fought the dragon, rather than have the damage goals to get a reward. This gives incentive to be part of a kingdom and participate in the defense.
Overkill could then provide bonus rewards to the kingdom, and allows all members of the kingdom to have a chance to contribute (I know some don’t so it is an incentive).

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