High score leaderboard for kingdom defense

I got what I think was my highest ever kingdom defense score yesterday, but I have no idea if it was and no way to check. So this got me thinking.

Leaderbords for kingdom defense would be fantastic. (These ideas work best if people can maximize their overkill though which is part of another discussion)

  1. Personal best leaderboard: I’d suggest you can see your top three scores against each of the different dragons and when you achieved it.

This could be expanded to personal best per hero per dragon. This would give a reason for people to gear up more than one hero to try and get high scores.

  1. Kingdom Leaderboard: there are many ways this could be implemented.

To stop one or two people filling it I would suggest each person has just one highest score on the board.

I would also suggest a leaderboard for each different type of dragon.

Maybe leaderboards by hero type as well. As some Heroes are better at kingdom defense than others

To help keep it fresh I would say that scores reset monthly/with the seasons/3 months/6 months/1, 2, 3 or 6 months from the day the score was recorded/etc.

If reset on a schedule there could be a nominal gem prize on the leaderboard. 100 gems for the winner, 75 for second, 50 for 3rd etc. Just to give a small bonus to bragging rights.

These are a few things that came to mind as I was writing his feedback which may or may not be feasible, practical or even a good idea. Add your own comments to this post.

Having kingdom leaderboards visible to people from other kingdoms might be cool as well.


There may be a conflict of interest here.
The player wants to be the first on the leaderboard, to get the prize.
The Kingdom may have an agreement about the max. dragon level (especially if it consists of players of very different levels/gear scores).
Something should be done so the weakest players have the opportunity to get the silver/gold rewards. Perhaps the ‘training dragon’ idea?

Overkill allows all players to obtain gold (or silver) rewards, provided the player’s hero is strong enough to do so. So, do you mean that the weaker players should get gold or silver even if they can’t do that much damage?

Yes, we keep the dragon at IX-XI levels, so most of the players can damage at least silver.

I am at a high level kingdom with XX level kingdom defense, and I have never gotten silver rewards while being here. Yet, I don’t agree with letting the weakest players too get silver/gold rewards. We already have a very nice universal reward (gold+gems) even if we don’t do the defense. Silver/gold rewards should be earned, and are a nice motivation to get stronger. And if the problem is that we are at a kingdom with a too high levelled dragon… Well, we are getting a good amount of gems that will help us grow faster until we can get silver/gold rewards too.

Is it really worth keeping the dragon level low so that all players can get silver rewards? First, one of the most important currencies is gems, which is tied to dragon level. Keeping the dragon level low makes everyone in the kingdom get less gems. Also, if I’m not wrong silver/gold reward quality depends on dragon level too, so keeping the dragon level low prevents high level players from obtaining high level goods (such as glyphs). As a “weak” player from my kingdom I would never accept an agreement that would be detrimental to my stronger mates only so that I could slightly benefit (and taking the value of gems, I am doubtful if getting silver/gold rewards really compensates getting less gems).