[More info needed] Another Dragonking's Prize Adventure Bug

I started yesterday and fought the first few battles (using up the 5 Energy Points). After the last fought battle (the first after the first shop) my Health Bar were set to zero. But in the battles I didn’t receive any damage. The enemies couldn’t even break my armor. When I wanted to continue today I have to pay 100 Gems to revive. But why have to revive me when I didn’t die??? I feel cheated out of my gems.

Wasn’t that last battle the blue knight with the dragon that gives reflect? I say it because it could have been that you won with an attack that reflected on you and depleted your health. Sadly, right now killing an opponent with reflect doesn’t prevent the reflect effect from killing you and even making you lose the battle.

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@Nami-san_0307 I suspect it might have been the reason Higure gave, does that sound right?
If not please tell me your Name code, found in the bottom of the in game settings menu, and I will see what I can find.