[Reported] Dragonkings Prize

Dors anyone have a breakdown of the cost of each episode in this adventure? I bought all the extra pearls offered, and only made it to the first Legendry Flux…cost me 30 pearls!

Not sure what you’re asking? The adventure is free if you don’t rush it, and there is no reason to rush it, unless you started it really really late. You got 10 days to finish it, which is plenty of time.

Just asking if anyone is keeping track of what each level costs to play. I went thru 30 of the energy point jusr getting to the first Legendary Flux coin.

You got to grab all the orbs (100% of the map) to open the final gate to the boss and grab the axe.

That seems like way too much. Did you lose some matches?

You can kind of go back and count looking at your map. 2 energy for dungeons and 1 energy for the other fights.

This adventure is kind of a marathon since it last like 10 days.

I did…im going to contact customer service…didnt lose any matches.

@Pkrgrl72 if you can share a screenshot of your map, I can have a look.

I had a look into your account data, and you hadn’t spent all your energy. You got down to 22 (out of the 30 you had) and then during weekly/daily reset, your energy was reset to the base 5 per day - which is a bug.

Currently working on getting the missing energy back to you and a dev is looking into getting this resolved.

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OMG…i wondered…thanks for the quick response and for not making me fill out another form…lol

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That’s not a problem, it does look like a trickier issue than I had imagined so working to do what we can to compensate you for the losses energy - as it appears if I send the missing total back, it will just reset tomorrow again
Unless you get to spend all the energy I can send back, in the next 22(ish) hours?

I will likely send you back the Gems spent on the bonus energy you did not get to use, so keep an eye on your inbox.

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Is there anyway to reset my optional extra energy? I would like the option of getting an extra 5 a day til the end? I understand that it will reset at the end of the day, so ill be sure to use them all at once.

@Pkrgrl72 I have sent you compensation for this already to your inbox :sparkles:

Is there a way you can make energy carry over into the next day? It’s annoying to reach a dungeon and only have one energy left, making us wait until the next day, but still losing that 1 energy.

I’m glad you’re solving this, it’s happened to me twice over the last few months, but I only lost about 10 orbs in total. I didn’t know it was a bug or I’d have reported it, I thought it was deliberate.

@ed.209 the team is investigating this issue, but any fixes at the earliest will be released in 3.0 as they will require a client fix.

No worries, I learned my lesson and stopped buying energy, so it only happened twice.

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