[Reported] Adventure Energy Bug back

So I bought 25 energy on ultimate and finished the adventure. I do the next one on Veteran and it took away all my energy (250 gems). I finished on Veteran, but in trying to make sure I had pics, I completely skipped getting the 100 ancient coins for gold. I switched back to ultimate and got my energy back, but lost the extra 5 energy (50 gems) that I had bought to finish it on veteran. To recap, I’d appreciate getting the 100 ancient coins and 50 gems back. I got my 250 gems back, so that fortunately isn’t an issue.

PS4 Name Code:ETHANVANSHAMAN_DDT1 Member Name: Kenpo _Kid69

Update - I was finally able to get on Veteran and get my 50 gems back, not the ancient coins though.

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Oh this is something I have reported before, where your energy is set to the difficulty and not the adventure as a whole - I’ll chase up my last report and get back to you as soon as I can.

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Update: I reshared this bug report with the team (changing difficulty doesn’t carry over energy spent)

Just to clarify, cos there is a lot of numbers and such in this post - did you hit Skip on the Merchant and miss the opportunity to purchase Ancient Gold for coins?

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Trying to take a picture, yes

Energy has been resetting back to exactly 4 for me for both days of the event so far, without changing difficulty.

@Lyrian and you had also purchased energy with gems?
(yours may need to be its own thread if you didn’t change difficulty & it’s the same hero)

During the event? Yes.

During that lap? Unsure. Skeptical I did.

Never changed difficulties or hero during the event.

Going to see if I can duplicate this with an energy purchase at this coming daily reset shortly.

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@Lyrian cool, thanks - as mentioned, if you didnt change difficulty and you can grab a video, can you make a new thread, as this one is from changing difficulty specifically (has its own bug report) and if yours is different, i’ll need a different bug report for the team

just to keep things organised for reporting on our side :sparkles:

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You only keep purchased energy.

@Jeto I should mention because I’ve had this happen to me a while back. If you purchase energy it stays on that difficulty and you get it back when you go back to that difficulty on a new run (this you already know obviously). But if say I buy and have excess energy on Champion for example and then start a new adventure on ultimate, if I switch back to champion during that new adventure while its in progress, all that extra energy is permanently lost. Does that make sense?

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Duplicated what @KenpoKid69 said. Backing out of the thread then. :slight_smile:


Seems like a fix for one issue should fix both of these Adventure issues - at least, that is the theory at the moment

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