[Known issue] Adventure bug energy stuck in difficulty

This bug is back and its killing me already like 300 gems from it in deaths? The problem is I have another 250 gems invested in extra energy in Ultimate which I lose if go down to Master difficulty. So I’m forced to play a higher difficulty and keep dying over and over and over again or just take the lose on the 250 gems. I’m already up to 550 gem loss, and down 2 movement from dying.

As mentioned in your other post, this is an existing issue the team is aware of - I do not have further information on a fix at this stage.

I don’t care about an immediate fix. I’d just like to get some or all my gems back from this situation I had no control over.

I basically need a do over, if thats possible. Since I can’t transfer my gems to master difficulty and I keep dying as a result

At least transfer my 17 remaining energy on ultimate over to master dfificulty. I’ve already died a bunch of times just trying to use the energy up.

Not sure if everyone has found this work around, but if you change your difficulty through this icon

your energy will carry over. For example, I started a run on Ultimate > bought energy > then I dropped down to Master through the ‘?’ icon and could continue on master with my extra energy

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Last time I tried that, I permanently lost the energy.

Also doesn’t give me the energy back from dying from being stuck playing the difficulty trying to spend it.

Team is currently sending of a fix for this to our QA team for testing!

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Ok, took your advice, this time it worked. Got the remaining energy back at least.