[Investigating] Changing difficulty resets stored energy - Dawn Circuit

I was running the Dawn Circuit on “Master” difficulty and finished my latest run. I had 11 energy left.

I then decided to switch to “Ultimate” for my next run, but to my surprise all of the energy was gone and reset to 4/4. When running on master all morning the energy persisted through each run.

I can retest this and get a video to verify if you need it, but I am sure the account logs will show it.



I will leave this here as informational instead of a bug report.

It appears that each difficulty level stores energy separately from others.

I was playing difficulty 4, had 11 energy left over when I completed the adventure.

Switched to difficulty 5 and the energy started at 4/4. After this adventure was complete I switched back to difficulty 4 and had 15/4 energy. So all of the energy is intact, just in their own adventure.

Maybe a bug… not sure, but at least there was no loss of gems.


I can confirm this as I posted about it on our Playstation Kingdom thread this morning. You don’t lose your energy, it’s simply stored for each difficulty level independently.


I’ve reported it to the team just in case!