[Resolved] No energy spent in Gong's Sushi Surprise

While doing Gong’s Sushi Suprise adventure I have noticed that I don’t lose any energy after doing battles. The problem seems to be that Battling doesn’t require energy, since there is no energy number in the Battle button as it can be seen in the screenshot.

Could you please look into this and, if it is a bug, fix it as fast as possible? The adventure looks really interesting and even if the bug has only a minor effect (saving us the 50 gems needed to buy the extra energy to finish the adventure) I don’t feel comfortable benefitting from it, being impossible not to do so while playing the adventure.

Thank you for your time and hard work.

I had a feeling that this adventure didn’t have energy limit the first time it was introduced and I found the proof. See the video Namodias did last year: Adventure Mode Playthrough, Latest Adventure Gongs Sushi Surprise, Ultimate Difficulty!

Maybe the bug is elsewhere and you shouldn’t feel guilty, because it was meant to be without limit.

As someone who joined the game recently and has played gems of war for many years, i thought this was a planned grindable thing, just like the gnome weekends they have in gems of war… :slight_smile:


Why would someone report a bug that helps the players lmao that’s a dick move :man_facepalming:t2:


Was good while it lasted! :sweat_smile:

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We always ask fairness and trust from developers… Therefore, shouldn’t we be the first ones to set an example? If we only report harmful bugs and issues but remain silent when we have beneficial bugs and exploits, developers will understandably lose any trust in us and act in consecuence. I prefer to show them that we want to play the game fairly and help them improve it and make it better without taking advantage of bugs and exploits.

I believe in playing (and living) in fairness, not taking advantage of every loophole and exploit, caring about nothing but benefitting ourselves and not being caught.


Weeeeeeellllllll, yes. It’s a little more complicated, though, isn’t it? It’s ethical and admirable to see a bug like this and choose to report it, rather than benefit from it. It becomes more complicated if we take advantage of the bug AND report it. (I’m not saying YOU did that, but people do, and I think that’s where a negative reaction comes from.) Then it becomes “fair” for everyone but the poor shmucks that couldn’t play that day.

Anyone who finds a bug like this, immediately disengages from the activity (until it is fixed) and reports it, deserves admiration.

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It is even a bit more complicated… The bug we can see is that energy is not spent while battling. That means that the bug was only saving us the 50 gems that would be needed to complete the adventure and repeat it again. Furthermore, it is not really a bug but a dev mistake: the adventure is working following the rules stated for it, they just forgot to add an energy cost to the battles. And more important, it is a bug you cannot choose not to benefit from while doing the adventure.

Choosing not to benefit from the bug would mean losing on the rest of the fair rewards the adventure gives (as an example, if you did it on champion difficulty you would be getting 150 fair gems without the bug). I would say that not playing the adventure just due to dev mistakes that won’t be fixed assap is not fair either. However, if I really wanted to be fair I could have done it buying energy once per adventure run, which I didn’t.

All in all, I am sure I don’t deserve anyone’s admiration. My decision was selfishly based on my own beliefs, ethics and guilt. I’m sorry for everyone that was negatively affected by my decision, but I still believe that reporting any issue is right, even when it is beneficial to us. I don’t regret it, and probably will do the same if something like this happens again. However, I won’t be shielding myself behind the “I am just being fair” when it is not really true. Your point is well taken, Tresk, and I thank you for helping me to better understand myself and my decisions :slightly_smiling_face:


And that is all I was getting at. That it’s hard to claim an ethical high ground regarding fairness, under these circumstances. We are all kinda stuck with doing what we believe to be the least bad thing, in a spirit of fairness. For the record, I do NOT agree with with the comment that said it’s a “**** move” to report it. Not at all.

What is infuriating to me is that all it would have taken was ONE “in-house” person, to play ONE adventure battle in the live game, to catch this.


Can say that for a lot of things in this game every patch lol


This was actually picked up by a member of the dev team while they were playing through themselves, but appreciate you sharing the report as well @HigureTheStillWind

A bug is a bug, and while it may appear to benefit the player in this case, whatever is causing it (we are investigating) could be doing something detrimental elsewhere. So, always worth reporting!

Update to this: Looks like the team jumped onto it after hours on the weekend and at reset this Adventure was unavailable again.

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FACTS…Haters are going to hate

I think some players miss the main issue. This adventure was planned for several days. Developers removing it on the first day without providing any replacement harmed all players who didn’t play on that day. They should have issue appologizes for their bug and send compensation, like it is often done in GoW on bugs. But they didn’t. This is a pretty harmful attitude towards the players.