[Fix released] Dawn circuit broken

I cant start dawn circuit it just crashes trying to enter the 1st battle

Same problem, i beat this adventure once but after replaying it it stuck “being complete” rather than allow me to try it again

This has already been reported, team is working on a fix

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For that just exit the game and restart the game and you’ll be able to play as normally. You’ll have to do it with every replay though till its fixed.

Not everyone is seeing this resolved with a restart - myself included


Tried already, even with a phone app, still nothing

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Restarting no longer works for me.

It stopped working by the way when I went down from Ultimate to Master.

Yep. As mentioned restarting isn’t going to work for everyone, it’s also not going to work every time.

We are working on pushing the fix out to live at the moment, but as there are a lot of people experiencing the issue it will take some time to roll out.

No further reports are required until that has completely released, which I will likely post about.


Any chance we could get an extra day added to Dawn Circuit once its fixed?

We did get a fix ready and releasing for this within 2 hours of the event starting, so I do not think we will be extending it for an additional day


The adventure is not fixed for me-showing I already completed it. I play on iPhone and restarted-no change.

As I mentioned “as there are a lot of people experiencing the issue it will take some time to roll out.”

The energy being stuck in a difficulty needs to be fixed as well. I feel like I had energy taken away earlier, although not sure. Now I have 27/4 on Ultimate. Only problem is I’ve already died twice, so I either keep dying till I get my energy back down to 0 or I lose all of it, to play it safe on Master difficulty.

Death number 4

There isn’t a need to continue to update your post, the team are still working on this issue as well. I just don’t have an update on a fix

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Sorry, just wasn’t sure on what the correct way to notify you of the situation. I don’t like paying 250 gems for extra movement and then losing it because I have to switch to Master, plus all the deaths incurred from trying to zero it out so I didn’t lose the 250 gems in the first place. Down 550 gems from this BS.

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That is why if I do Ultimate I try to buy the energy one at a time. We do know that the issue is still not fixed, so if you are unsure you will be able to keep at a certain difficulty, spending lots on gems on energy is risky.

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Its really irritating, I lost so many gems tonight because of it…

I actually had forgotten about the bug completely. Until after it was too late and I was stuck with energy in both Ultimate and Master.

Ah, now I understand, I was surprised you had risked buying energy at bulk.

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The 100 gems is nice, but I lost a lot of time which in turn cost me a lot of follower crystals and gems from the rewards.

Will we be getting any compensation for this?

100 gems for the few hours lost seemed like a fair compensation to me. Thanks.

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