Dawn Circuit - Feedback April 2024

As we come up on the end of Dawn Circuit, I figured it might be helpful for everybody who participated in the grind to give their honest feedback on the good, the bad, and the ugly (as opposed to a bunch of different threads).

For me, it was a mix bag of pretty good, and then a few stinkers.

The Good

  • Ancient Coins in a replayable adventure is amazing. I hope this continues into future adventures

  • Energy carrying over to the next play through. This is awesome because your diamonds do go a bit further.

  • Good mix of follower crystals, I was personally able to get every follower to mythic, which is a huge feel good. 50 is still far but feels better

  • Fairly stable server health with minimal crashing

The Bad

  • As mentioned in another thread the "rest and recover thing feels bad, especially when repeating

  • Gold Cap so very fast. Not to beat a dead horse, but even on novice, you cap out with nowhere to spend your gold, until you can level a follower but then that has its limits as well.

The Ugly

  • My biggest complaint about this adventure is the sheer number of button clicks and scroll to target I have to get through to get through an adventure. I feel like this should be tightened up somehow (and in a quick search on the forums seems to be a longstanding issue). I went through a novice run and took notes, and if everything goes absolutely perfectly its 93 clicks to get through an adventure start to finish. Please consider taking a look at that, as we do not need to sit in menu heck to actually get to the game.

All in all - enjoyable event and looking forward to more to come.


Loved it this time around, the coins really help it alot since the crystals (with a few exceptions) mostly appeal to early/mid game players. And its a great way to keep playing while waiting on food to open more dungeon chests. Two thumbs up.

I could be wrong here, but I think the reason for it is to prevent people from botting. But yeah does feel bad at times, although I did need it on several ocassions to deal with reflect. One fix if its not being done as a anti-cheat mechanic, would be to maybe hold R2 or several buttons or something like that to skip it. You want a way to skip it without it being so easy that you accidently skip it, in case its needed for that battle.


Anecdotal, but based on similar situations from GoW, this should be the case here in PQ3.

Botting is still a problem, especially on Steam/Mobile clients. Such intentional inconveniences doesn’t stop the botting problem, but they do slow it down somewhat (though more sophisticated botting scripts can accommodate for the Rest and Recover screen).


Exactly. People who bot will still do it, you just annoy the other % of people that dont do it.

I have experienced it in many games where “grinding” is an element, and there are people that do bluestacks and stuff to get ahead. You will never counter that unless you start to comb logs for people who play the game on end for hours and hours and never take a break. That should still account for a relatively low percentage, and makes it a less successful port to console.

My guess would be that coins will be added if the adventure is seasonal-themed, like it was for Dreamhold Expedition.

Looks like coins is being added to every adventure, which is great.

That would be great.

I also feel that each hero you play a season with should also get the coins, as we do with gems in the main story.

That might get too exploitable as you could just create a new character as many times as you want. A lot of work (and not anything I would do) but seems like it could be easily exploited. I will just take the coins in the adventures for now personally :slight_smile:

They would just make it the 1st time with each hero class like with story mode, so making 4 paladins would do nothing for you.

Originally i though these 5 days i would not be playing the game apart from dailes and events as all im intrested in was eveline and xione crystals, howevever with the bonus anciant coins i remained glued to the game, super win for me,


Give us something to grind for and we will


In the main story, it only does it once per hero class. If you do your second run as a merc, you get no gems.

While I don’t think its a bad idea and I’m certainly not against it. It did kind of turn me off on story having to grind it with every character. I much prefer the double coins we’re getting now with the coins being added to all the adventures as well. Kind of curious now if when Coin Collector comes back if it will get the boost as well or stay at the same number.

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What I’d like to see is the ability, when buying a season, to run through at elite mode straight away and get all three sets of coins.

There’s already a mechanic for this in-game, with non-replayable adventures. You select the difficulty and when you finish you get the gems for that difficulty and all the ones below it.

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I thought it was great. This game is all about the grind, and this grind was one of the best ones they’ve done.