Borderlands Bash Feedback - April 2024

In the interest of keeping things organized and feedback easy to search, I am starting a feedback thread for Borderlands Bash April 2024. In theme with my other thread, lets go with the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good -

  • The difficulty felt appropriate for this challenge. I was able to consistently do the top difficulty, which had the additional bonus payout of ancient coins. Speaking of…

  • Ancient coins are such a welcome addition to adventures. Through this I was able to purchase every single pet, from every season that I own that I was missing. A lot of grinding, but I felt like the poy off was worth it.

  • Energy holding over to the next run (same difficulty). Wonderful to see this continuing.

  • I prefer a straight replayable event, as opposed to a “do it one time” thing, even if there are workarounds. Keep it simple, it doesnt need to be complicated.

  • A shop in the middle where you can spend just regular gold to buy runes. While I dont use them as much now, having a place to sink gold is a blessing. Moving on to my next point…

The bad

  • Fully acknowledging that this is a topic I seem to come back to, but my goodness. Y’all. Please figure out something with gold capping. I dont even care what I can spend it on. There is no way in any stretch of the imagination that I can spend to keep up with how much I earn. I every day spend on every single thing that is offered to me, and within minutes of me doing my daily missions I am capped. That does not encourage me to keep playing, in fact it does the opposite. I kept at this event because I needed scrolls worse that the feeling I got by constantly being gold capped. but that attitude will only persist so long.

The Ugly

  • Another event, another experience with painful user experience and WAY too many clicks and scrolls for a console user. I am hoping and praying that I can activate the auto battle before the potion screen comes up, just so I can avoid one click (as I turned on the option that will click through the potion screen). If I happen to not be fast enough I have to scroll down to the button to confirm I am not using it and then back up to the auto play button. Maybe this is not so bad for a mobile user, but on a TV screen and using a controller it is a painful (and annoying) time wasting experience.

What are your thoughts?


I don’t think the gold cap argument applies to Borderlands Bash personally. Because they give you the opportunity to spend 6k each time, so you should probably never be capped anyway. Adding coins to Borderlands Bash made it one of the better adventures, maybe even the best adventure. I’d like to see more adventures reach the high bar that Borderlands has set and hopefully keeps when it comes back. A+ job on this one by the devs!


I almost forgot, I do have one negative. The recommended difficulty tells me to play Master level 33, even though Ultimate at level 55 is child’s play for me. I’ve noticed in the past that some adventures are way off in their recommendations, some being too easy, others too hard and this is one of them. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want the adventure to be made more difficult per say, I just want the recommended difficulty to do a better job at picking the right difficulty for me.


Correct you would never be capped if you only played BB. However, if you are doing anything else, including the Season Pass, Daily Challenges, Archive and Events (at a minimum) AND your kingdom is killing a dragon consistently you will cap via other avenues. Even if you dont have a huge gold bonus, you will be capping relatively quickly (playing on expert, if you are playing a lower difficulty it might swing more in the other direction).

An easy fix on that might be add 1-2 more runes for gold in the event, so you are constantly draining gold, not just keeping pace and not maxing. It wouldnt be a game breaking event to let players who earn gold run low or out of gold, and if you cant afford it you buy less to keep your amount steady.

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Thank you for the Borderlands Bash feedback, I’ve included it in my report for the team :slight_smile: glad you enjoyed it!