Improve or explain please

Hello. Me again. I know I complain a little, yet keep playing!
So, it is a great game. But letting players get in early, is so that you can get feedback.

So, problems I think,

First. Reward chests and marks.
Could you explain the huge inconsistencies in the rewards, and even, what chest you get?

So, I play the daily dungeon challenge. I can often take 2 bosses down, with just one move. I match the gems which takes out the first boss. I cast a spell, which takes out the 2nd boss.
One day, I get wood and ruby marks. The next fight I do the same. Both bosses in one move. I get wood and metal.
Next day, same thing. Both bosses, one move. I get diamond and metal.

I just can’t understand how I can do exactly the same thing, yet get different rewards?
Could you explain/fix/improve that please?
Other days I am not so lucky with the first move, it can take 3 or 4 or more moves, hanging in by a finger nail, scrape a win, and get diamond marks. How is the reward decided?
Same with PvP. Often one move, but sometimes I get 3 medals, some time 5. Inconsistencies

Now to the chests. I can do and easy skirmish, in one move and spells. I get wood. I do it again and get ruby chest?
Then go on to level X, just about scrape through, expecting wonderful rewards! After all, that is the hardest level! But no. Wood crate with gold and iron.

So, is it all just pure luck? I just cannot figure out what to do to get a whole star, instead of half a star for each enemy? Because I would of thought, the fewer moves, the higher the score. The harder the level, the better the content? That would make sense.
But it doesn’t seem to matter what I try, it doesn’t effect the reward chest or mark

As a recommended addition, from one of my group, a character that can change the colour of the gear. So change a poison dwarf ring to a fire dwarf ring. I haven’t had much of a problem there. But they have been trying to get a fire, firewalker ring,necklace and belt. But every time they save enough material, he is getting a dark firewalker instead.

They do have a lot more luck with chests though. Much more and better content, including a glyph! They have one hero at level 50. I have one of each hero completed the story. But not one single glyph in a chest.

One more request for now, until you have new content, you let us take one of each hero through the story, getting rewards.
To keep us occupied and interested, each hero you select has 2 different looks. Could you not let us play with the 2nd look hero’s through the story, earning gems and character crystals?
As you know, when you reach higher followers levels, you need 10 character crystals PER 1 single upgrade. 45 to 46, 10 crystals. 46 to 47 10 crystals. Also the gems you need to exchange or upgrade relics, 1000 gems.
I am stuck with maximum gold, but starving for gems. I do all 3 PvP section, but it seems that some people have managed to give Gong an extra evolution and have 1 more match. Half the time, if you get the 2nd highest score, it puts you in 13th place, because there are 12 players in joint 1st… Maybe you could be a bit more generous and still have 2nd highest score in 2nd place? And the 12 players with the same high score 1st. Just a thought.

Still a great game and I really looking forward to future updates and see where it goes

Wow midnitewolf. You are an expert waffler! Not so good at using short requests. Sorry :pensive:


Need consistency in rewards please.
Waffle waffle.
Thank you

As the idiom goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Marks are random drops from Events.

Just like marks, chest quality is random and is determined at the start of each run. Difficulty slightly leans the drop table towards higher rarity drops occurring (subject to restrictions based on rarity of chest awarded) or the amount of shards dropped.

Stars are an illusion to get the player more excited about a potential high rarity chest dropping at the end of that run. The game already knows what rarity of chest is going to drop at the start of each run and there is nothing the player can do during a run to modify the quality of the chest that drops during that run.

Thank you. Again, I apologize. It seems I am wasting your valuable time, when the answers are out there.

I really have to reinforce my position though. That doesn’t make any sense. What is the point of giving random rewards, instead of rewarding you, for being better or batting above your weight.
Shouldn’t it encourage you to get better? Stronger? And reward you when you do get strong enough to beat the increasingly difficult trials we face?

The chest contents should also be more consistent too. Wood chest has food, ore and a mystery item. Diamond has food, ore, weapon, spell, minion etc. But I guess it really doesn’t matter, if the type of chest you get, is random, so you can’t try harder, to defeat quicker, to get a better reward…

Nope. Makes no sense. From a game play point of view.

But at least now I know how it works … Or, in my opinion, doesn’t work.

Thank you again for your knowledge and generosity with your time @Lyrian

Sorry it was so long. My brain gets like a whirlpool … Round and round, faster and faster … Being crazy, isn’t as easy as people think …

If players get everything they want too quickly, then there will be soon nothing for player to chase after and then they risk getting bored and quitting. Randomizing rewards serves as a way to slow down the player from getting the reward they are seeking.

Should higher difficulty yield superior rewards? Yes, it should. Is that the way it works right now? No. Will this be address for launch? Only the devs know at this point. Us players will find out on launch day.

In certain ways, chest contents are consistent.

The number of loot rolls in each chest drop is the same for every chest in that rarity type. All chests get a gold drop. Then, for Wood chests, 2 loot rolls are made. For every rarity tier over Wood, 1 additional roll is made (Iron 3 rolls, Gold 4 rolls, and so on) for that chest.

Wood chests contain gold, food, ore, and shards.
Iron chests add gear (up to Rare max), minions, and for dungeon chests the very low chance of glyphss, crystals, and relics.
Gold adds the possibility of Epic gear dropping.
Ruby adds the possibility of spells dropping.
Diamond adds the possibility of Legendary gear dropping.

Each of those loot drops are dice rolls, so what you get is random and the best drops have a very low chance of being rolled.

You’re not wrong, here.

If rewards do not scale appropriately with risk, and chest rarity is random (which it is), then the best course of action is to clear lower difficulty dungeons faster to roll more chests, which will eventually get you the chests you want. To that extent, a player will get what they want through sheer brute force (that thing the player is chasing has to drop eventually).

This is really an late-game issue, but I do hope that it will be addressed for launch.