Congratulations on launch. But

Congratulations on the launch.
The new 3d graphics are brilliant. I know you have put a lot of time and effort to get it to this point.

I am also happy with the adjustments you have made when it comes to upgrading relics with Evelyn. It was nearly impossible to get level 4 relics. That is a major improvement in my opinion.

Unfortunately, I think you have gone backwards with the balancing act. Ok, so the last balance problem was the enemies got stupidly strong. You have, it seems, stepped back and side stepped, by making our gear and spells stupidly useless compared to what it was. A step back then side step, is still a step backwards.

People have spent a lot of time and some, money to try different gear, then upgrade it, hoping it will be the right colour. Wasting relics when your firewalker ring, evolves to be ice, then having to go through it all again, find or exchange the relics, upgrade it and it is dark… It’s a firewalker ring! I would prefer it to be fire please! (Potential for a new follower perhaps?) slog it out to try different combinations, then find what works for their style. Then they have to go through the slow progress of trying to get the darn glyphs and relics… Rocking horse manure comes to mind…

Then this day comes. All the time and money spent, for your team to come along and instead of having great gear, we may as well be naked with nothing but a bit of carefully placed tin foil and a cardboard crown. Instead of throwing fire, we are politely asking fireflies if they will get a group of friends and attack the opponent!

But the biggest disappointment, and I know I’m not alone in this, we have asked and asked and moaned and nagged you, to reconsider the size of the storage, most importantly the gear storage. I know you upgrade followers, but there hasn’t been enough storage from start to end.

Let’s look at this properly.

We have one of each hero. Each hero has its gear. Most people, I think, match the gear colour to the built in spell? So each hero has its own individual set of gear. Then, for PvP, you need different weapons to enter the last PvP group. So, the requirements are, let’s say ice with sword. You need a blue sword. Then, a few weeks later, it is ice with a bow.

So, we need a minimum of a full set of gear, with one of each weapon, in every colour, just to play PvP games.

Another big update, ignoring us again. Very disappointing. This has been requested time and again. Surely it is a simple fix? Because it is broken and needs to be fixed. By your own layout, if we want to be able to even enter PvP, we need more space.

I understand, but don’t like a lot of the changes, but not giving us enough space, for the required amount of gear needed, to play the game, I just can’t understand.

One more thing, each hero had two alternative looks. I was also a little saddened that, now the game is up and running, that you won’t let us take the alternative look heroes through the completed game, so we can see the finished game. You level down the gear to match the level of the hero, so we won’t have a humongous advantage there.
Also, as a reward for the early access folks, we can go through the game again, earning crystals and gems. Of course, this is just so we can help you test the high levels on followers and weapons, to make sure it is future proof :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … I guess most of us will have our arms twisted to help you…

Best of health, wealth and happiness to you all, from the midnitewolf