Scotty we need more vault space!

Hello Adventurers,

Today, we want to address one of the most common items of feedback that we’ve received about Puzzle Quest 3, and that is - “can we have more vault space?”

The answer is YES, we will definitely be increasing the storage capacity of the Vaults in a future update.

We know you want to collect all the Gear, and have all the elemental variations available to you so you can experiment more with your Loadouts, collect all the things and refine your Gear so you can participate at the best of your ability in PvP, and we want you to be able to.

In the past when we’ve discussed increasing storage space, the next question is “how much will we be able to store once this increase is released?”

The answer this time is that we don’t have a set number at this time. Ultimately, the solution to the storage problem will come with a larger overhaul of Followers which will take time to get right. We also have plans to release more Hero Classes and Gear sets in the future, so the storage system needs to be future proofed.

Our goal is to implement this solution within the next 6 months. We would like to guarantee this sooner but the Puzzle Quest 3 team is actually a small team and as such we have to make some pretty tough decisions about what we prioritise with each update and make sure that every feature we work on gets the time and attention it needs from us. While increasing storage space is one of our important priorities, there are some larger elements of the game that need some love from us more urgently right now.

We are very grateful for your patience and honestly humbled that you’re so passionate about the game that you want to collect so many variations of the Gear Sets that you are already filling your Vaults, and also taking the time to share your feedback with us. It means a lot to our small team.


Thank you
This is the communication that we have been wanting and the message we were all wanting to hear


Thank you for the response and the clarification. Inventory space is a huge problem, and it’s good to know that you’re addressing it. :slight_smile:

Any temporary measures to alleviate the issue (such as a Nordhelm buff) will be greatly appreciated!


This! 6 months is a long wait. We need a band-aid to carry us without going insane until the overhaul and target solution is released.


Agreed. I appreciate the information and love that it is going to be part of a larger rework. At the same time, if there is no temporary measures to reduce the frusteration, it will greatly decrease the retention of the playerbase as well as the patience of those who stay.


This is where the whole “roadmap” thing that was promised months ago would come in handy.

So if this statement is true, that “you want us to be able to” collect all these things but the solution to do so is 6 months off, why not have a small temporary increase. Currently, to collect every gear item with every elemental variation (ignoring unique attributes), you would need a gear storage capacity of 450+. Since there are plans for more Hero classes and more gear sets in the future, we can assume that this top end potential gear inventory will grow substantially. Currently gear storage capacity is capped at 150.

So why not make a modest short term adjustment to allow players some relief while working on this future-proof change to inventory, followers, etc. The developer is not conceding future opportunity by doing so (sales of whatever the new means of storage increase may be). And as we have demonstrated repeatedly, the current system is not properly weighted at the top end of expansion (see past posts about Northelm).

The typical kneejerk response is: if we give you 50 more inventory spots in the current framework (increase max cap from 150 to 200), then you will just want 250, and then 300. But as you have said, there are future plans in the works, but as much as 6 months off. A modest increase would at least allow your “passionate” fans something to appreciate and continue to champion the game instead of just trudging along or quitting over chronic frustration.


Very good of you @Kafka to respond in such a detailed way, though it took a long, long time. But six months is a very long time. Meanwhile do give us some more space.

Some of us who have got a base may stick on with the game that long, but you also know, that the newer players may get frustrated and leave early. All of us who love the game definitely want a much bigger participation.

It’s good to see this will be addressed, along with the other items mentioned, but potentially 6 months away. Ouch.

Thank you so much for the update.

I am really enjoying the game. The money that I have spent on Puzzle Quest 3 is some of the best money I have ever spent on gaming (in terms of entertainment value of the game per dollar spent).

Unfortunately, the new holiday ring (Lucky Clover Ring) that you released this week is a real problem.

I can’t salvage the ring because it isn’t possible to acquire a new one if I decide I need it later. (At least not for another year!!)

Therefore, every time you do what should be a fun holiday event, I permanently lost inventory space.

I am greatly enjoying the game and I look forward to the Follower rework in 6 months.


I wish they I was excited about new gear, but new gear is painful because it consumes inventory space and forces me to destroy other things that I have collected.

In any case, my VIP subscription is expiring soon. And I find myself thinking, “Maybe I shouldn’t renew … Maybe I should just play something else for 6 months and then come back to puzzle Quest in 6 months” I want to enjoy the game now … But I worry about what I will have to delete the next time you decide to run a holiday event with a cool new accessory.

Bottom Line: I get that a truly good solution for inventory requires a Follower rework rework much later this year. That is great. But if you were you to take Sibelios’s suggestion and implement a quick short-term improvement (a band-aid to get us through the next 6 months) … Just a quick modest increase to all players’ storage … Then I would instantly purchase the 12 month VIP subscription.

Just stop already. Not you personally, @Kafka. It’s clear you are posting the “official” line. That’s a thing that must be done and you are doing it. No hate for that.

But just stooooooooooooop! We have been quantifying and qualifying the need for more gear space for approximately EVER. Could there be some over-riding vision (of torture :eyes:) preventing an all out release of of this hell? Sure. Absolutely. It still won’t end well. It’s still going to end up the worst idea ever. But sure, I can see it. (Lived it in other games that went years with this BS only to change it right before they died.)

But for the love of Dog, just give us a slight easement (proven possible in a previous server push) while we wait for the big ::cough:: balanced ::wheeze:: fix?

Its super clear that most of the team does not play this game a lot. Thats ok. It really is. But you probably want other people to play a lot. Right now playing feels like this: Do a thing, get food (voided can’t use), get gold (voided can’t use), get gear (can’t keep), get virtually zero experience, repeat. The one thing you guys can fix easily and immediately is gear space. It doesn’t have to be the final fix. But even a small fix would keep the mass exodus in check.


I feel like a “Hey, $ for inventory slots!” is coming, so can we just get it done? Then we can say, “We don’t like this! Take our money!”

Marvel Puzzle Quest has it’s roster slots, and many other games have the same. I get it. You need money. And many players will pay for it, much more so than VIP and Quest pass. It seems like you’re trying to delay the inevitable. The problem is, many of your ‘willing to pay’ customers are going to drop the game before you give them the chance to do so.

Love the game! Love the community! Please get this thing going so the game doesn’t die off!

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We’re also looking into shorter term solutions to help everyone out at least a little while we put the bigger solution in place. I don’t have an ETA on this yet though sorry. Will keep you updated when I get more info.


Let me be the first to say Yay!!

I found this amusing timing. Just yesterday whilst doing a boring task at work I came up with the idea:

" I’ll post on the community pages that I promise to leave a good positive review on both the play store and on steam if the vault space is substantially increased in the very near future "

In my own head this means doubled inventory size and within in a month. At the moment I can’t leave reviews nor recommend the game with such an annoying limitation to inventory. Hopefully this is a carrot the devs would like to go for :wink:

Thank you for this glimmer of hope.

By the way, can you share what the “needs some love” items are? Any idea what we can look forward to? If kingdom revamp is still 2 updates away and it sounds like inventory is even further away, what’s on the love meter in the next update? :wink:

The long awaited patch where simply entering a battle, makes your hero die. :roll_eyes: :joy: :joy: I kid. :eyes: Sort of. But there are still a few useful spells and pieces of gear that need to be nerfed into irrelevancy. I kid. :eyes: Sort of.

All kidding aside there is not one single problem in this game worse than the inventory problem. There are plenty of problems (growing pains etc) but nothing even comes close to the inventory issue.

Likely 1.1 is Season Mode. Game can’t depend on only Story Mode for another 6+ months now that the game is live. Weekly regular churnable content badly needed ASAP. Crossing fingers co-op crashes are fixed by then.

1.2 is known to be the Kingdom revamp.

Presuming that the game shifts into a normal GoW development cycle now that 1.0 has been reached of 8-10 weeks per update, that places the Follower revamp to be in 1.3. That’s a long time away though.

I don’t need more space until I have more shards. Why bother even collecting any armor when it takes forever just to get enough shards to level a single set? Can’t even keep up with gear score to progress even when using all keys/money/blue gems toward skirmishes/shards. There is no room to experiment or try to get specific elemental affinities.

Hot damn is this game stingy with shards.

Its even worse when you are over flowing your gear and waiting on shards. Trust me. Been here a year.