1.3 Hotfix Patch Notes

Due to several players on Android being unable to play due to a salvage error causing the game to lock, we temporarily removed the Overflowing Vault error message.

A fix has now been released so we will be turning the Overflowing Vault error message back on at Daily Reset Tuesday 13th September 00:00 UTC

We will also be adding additional vault space when this change goes live.

  • Autoplay would do nothing if there are no moves currently available, as the AI would not forcefully end the turn. It will now End Turn if there are no moves available.

    • Info pop ups are now available for Gear, Minions and Spells in Reward menus
    • Added Gear Type to inventory filter
    • Battles tab in the Archive now displays Ancient Coin reward amounts with the daily cap considered
    • Minion Spell icons in the versus panel will now display their spell tool tips
    • Salvage warning is no longer shown when salvaging a single item
    • The filter button to the side of gear popups by default will filter to gear of that type
    • Updated quick rarity selection buttons in the Mass Salvage menu to better match new rarity display
    • Added Gear Score display to Follower Side Quests
    • Mass Salvage button added back in
    • Rarity color tinge added behind the level display on gear, spells and minions, to help reinforce their rarities.
      • Please note, we will be doing another pass on making spell rarities clearer in the next major update.

  • Ancient Coins earned via loot tickets do NOT count against the daily cap of 30 coins (05/07/22)
  • Using the text filter in the Tavern > Minion Vault would not filter the results.
  • Fixed ‘Requirements Invalid’ error when canceling a mission

    • Dreamhold Pledge and Dreamhold Walkers descriptions mismatched
    • Spell tooltips not appearing when an effect was playing over the top of the spells
    • Mass Salvaging Minions wasn’t updating the display
    • Loadout dropdowns are not working in various game menus
    • Fixed header bar being visible in the swap hero menu when opening it from the quest pass or shop.
    • At times when returning to the anchor menu, the chat icon can incorrectly show a pip indicating 9 new messages, even if there aren’t any
    • Fixed issue where minion sprites would disappear in the season shop
    • ‘Take Me There’ button on Overflowing Vault was inactive
    • Debug Performance information should no longer be displayed
    • Overlapping ? icon in Skirmish UI
    • Fixed incorrect frame used in the Gear Set Details menu
    • Fixed Minion spells not showing anything when tapped/clicked
    • Moved Tourney Reward pip to the left side of the tile so it no longer overlaps info button
    • Fixed Minion stat display in the Tavern menu using incorrect backgrounds
    • Fixed debug text in Tavern > Minions > Mass Salvage menu
    • Fixed salvaging in the inventory when owning a larger amount of items causing a soft lock on low-end Android devices

  • Minion Spell display in the Tavern now match the new spell icons
  • Android performance improvements
  • Removed ‘\’ characters from various lines throughout the game in non-english languages.

  • Fixed PvP environments not being unloaded after a battle
  • Join Kingdom notification now won’t appear until level 10

    • Salvage UI fails to load after dismissing the warning ‘unable to salvage last weapon’ pop up message
    • Global Mail with No Rewards still shows Rewards to Collect
    • Sound effects delay in sped up battles
    • PQ3 is Darker on some HDR monitors
    • Tall Dwarf’s friends have been located in PVP enemy positions and will be removed in update 1.4

Update: We have also found that there are some bugs affecting set bonuses. This includes, Bloodfang (4 piece), Night (4 piece), Runic (6 piece) and Saviour (6 piece). Currently working on the fix for this so that it can go out asap as well.

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The additional vault space is great news and makes me really, really happy. It’s great to see that the devs listened to our feedback in this area.

HOWEVER. Why are you keeping the new UI the same and only making minor tweaks to it? The great news about vault space is overshadowed by this. I find the game so frustrating to play with the new UI, to the point I want to quit. New inventory space isn’t worth anything if the game is unplayable. As I said in my feedback post, almost everything is wrong with the new UI. It need a major overhaul or reversal, not minor tweaks. The new changes show you’ve listened to some of the feedback, and will be improvements, but not enough of ones for the new UI to actually feel good. It will still remain a step backwards from 1.2 overall.

You’ve had many, many players complain about the new UI, or stop playing. I’ve only kept playing in the hopes it would be fixed. It looks like you weren’t able to swallow your pride enough to admit you missed the mark all the way, not just by a bit. Very disappointed to hear this.


Because it’s easier to make minor tweaks than revert the whole UI and then modify it to add the new elements.

I also don’t like a lot of the changes in the new UI but it’s not like they can just copy and paste the code for old UI in to the new client. We need to keep pushing them to improve what is there now.

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Hey @radiantmemories451

This was communicated in the UI Update Thread, in case it was missed, that this hotfix was focused on bug fixes

But if you have further feedback, can you share it within that thread specifically to keep it all in once place for sharing with the team.

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I see. No, that wasn’t clear at all. It sounded like you were going to fix the bugs and make a few changes to fix the worst of things, and then move on to continue working on the next update. And that you are mostly satisfied with the way this update turned out. You said

we do believe this is still a very positive change and a step in the right direction

in the post you linked. So to see this update with only minor tweaks and no promises for anything further or reversal on the stance that this is still a good update to me was a confirmation that we are going to be stuck with the UI in this state for a long time to come. Are you saying that this won’t be the case?

Intelligent, ah, they have an entirely new client as well? That does make a bit of a difference. Otherwise, I would have said they should have had a copy of the old build and code saved, and could have reverted to it.

Still, sometimes it’s ultimately less work to just revert everything, even if it does take some effort. If you have a bad base to build off of, you have bad results. It’s like attempting to build a house on a cracked foundation. No matter how good you make what’s on top, you’re always going to have a sub-par house. So if this is what the new client is, then I would say it’s better to do whatever it takes to revert to the old one, even if it takes some effort. Almost every single new change was a negative one, so if they have to just make the best of the new bad changes, then we’re always going to be stuck with something bad. Is it a lot to ask? Yes. But otherwise they’re going to be constantly struggling against a bad UI, which will make more work in the end.

So the question is, can they get a result similar to 1.2 with whatever new client they have? Are the changes because of the limitations of the client, or just because they had a design idea that turned out to be bad? If it’s the later, then I’m happy with waiting for them to change things, as long as they’re willing to admit their new changes are bad and promise us something more similar to 1.2. If it’s the former, then they shouldn’t be using the new client, and should just go back to using the old one, even if it’s work to change back over.

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Thanks for the Hotfix Patch notes - I apricate the clear communication

Are you able to provide any information about how much additional inventory space?


Yes please! (Must be at least 20 characters)

I will be able to once the amount has been confirmed! :sparkles:

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it was good while it lasted! :smile:

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Good to hear! Despite everything, I’m still excited for the extra inventory space.

Are you also able to provide any info about when we can expect an updated plan or timeline (even if it’s just an eta on when we can expect one, such as ‘we want to fix ___, ___ and ___ and plan to have a timeline for you by _____’)?

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The nice thing about the new UI is that I no longer need to buy Crowns since I can’t tell what’s going on with the gear, I don’t have to work so hard to level it up. Saving on gems too.

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Night Set had quite a run! Best well kept secret in the game!

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Please tell the team that the new UI for gear is flat out terrible. This does not mean we think the team itself is terrible. They took a big swing and it has missed… HARD! I applaud the swing. But to stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the big big miss? No applause. The other UI changes? Mostly good. Just need to get those loadout hotswaps everywhere. But gear screen? Take the paddling and move on. Heh.


I don’t see anything about upgrading gear/spells/minions NOT defaulting to maximum possible level. This needs to be resolved now, not in 8 weeks time or so when 1.4 drops. I’ve already accidentally upgraded 1 item to max. I don’t want to do it again!


I would like to see the following options:
upgrade to lvl5, lvl15, lvl25, lvl35.
The upgrade to max available can be the last option.

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Leave the upgrading and gear management as it was in 1.2. This was fine.
Principally there should be no unintentional upgrade possible. If you like to support by upgrading proposals this should be selectable.
In most cases I don’t upgrade to a maximum but distribute my shards on several gear/spell/minion or enhance a little before salvaging.


This needs to be addressed. We almost never want to fully upgrade gear due to the trickle of currencies. Ive seen two guild members who accidentally fully upgraded gear to legendary over the past few days.

The little green upgrade “pings” on the tiny gear icons are unhelpful and risky.


Add me to the list of people who have unnecessarily wasted shards on a Level 35 upgrade when trying to only upgrade to Level 8. Thanks Steve!


Me too!!! Disgusting!! Please fix this (among the LOTS of things to fix…)