Inventory discussion, post-0.38

Dear devs,

You are killing your own game with this inventory issue (At least for me personally). I am not motivated to collect additional equipment, because I can never keep it without trashing some other project I want to work on. This is not a good experience.

And this is coming from one of the lucky ones with a level 45 Northelm. This leaves me with the allowance for 140 pieces of gear. With this thread, I am going to try and show the difficulty and frustration that comes with gear collection (or lack of it…). I have subdivided my thoughts/opinions into five categories:

  • Facts (until someone comes and disagrees)
  • Meta
  • Factors weighing me down
  • Desire
  • Risks


  • Each class can have 12 pieces of equipment. We currently have 5 classes. Even with legendary Northelm, I can only have two sets of gear for each class and one class can have 3 gear sets.
  • There are currently 15 different gear sets. Some of the gear sets are oriented to a certain color, while others appear more mixed.
  • The gear you get is highly random, and even if you get a certain piece of gear in that color, the attributes may be incorrect.
  • Some gear is absolutely necessary for “meta” play.
  • “Meta” play is absolutely necessary for meaningful progression.

Below is a small table looking for the necessary equipment for “meta” gameplay. I am sure other people will disagree with some of the numbers of included equipment, but I also believe most longer-term players will agree at least with the general number of equipment necessary.

Currently, I would say a very specific set of 73 items is (In my opinion) absolutely required for end-game play. For more ideal play (I.e., matching colors in PVE), 110 items are required. To me, long-term players look towards the ideal and therefore I will work off of the 110 items being required. (Also, see risks below – I can imagine at some point we will be forced into it).

Now this is just the bare minimum, and it essentially would mean everyone is wearing only guards and royal armor pieces with a few token Best-in-Slot substitutes here and there. This is not a fun game, but this is mostly what is required to assure we aren’t hit below maximum life in the events or that we can obtain a stable gem income.

A fun game would allow us to enjoy the features made available to us. You made fifteen armor sets, why wont you let me play with them? My inventory is currently sitting (as predicted a month and a half ago) at approximately 135 constantly. This means that every few battles I need to leave just to trash some new items. What is weighing me down?

Factors weighing me down:

  • Imperfect drops. I have lots of non-ideal equipment. I do not currently have an ideal replacement in epic and therefore, and do not have the interest to trash my level 35 red bone legs which was one of my first epics.
  • Imperfect drops. Both of my epic weapons are in the same weekly bracket.
  • Perfect goals. I want to be able to try and aim for the best gear for each individual circumstance. I want to make a speed-farming build, a smart build, a build targeting specific colors in PVP. I want to be able to start working on and planning builds for the future.
  • Imperfect goals. I want certain sets, regardless of whether they are best-in-slot. I am hoarding a purple night set, a red firewalker set, green serpentine set, a blue bone set. The funny thing is – my imperfect goals are perfectly aligned with the game devs design – its not like I am sad because I can’t keep a green firewalker set.
  • Meta+. While I still am nowhere near reaching “perfect meta” goals, I have managed to surpass it by getting some additional best-in-slot items for certain gear sets (green serpentines belt, yellow jeweled tower).
  • Uncertainty. I have no idea whether any major changes in the future will completely upend my item collection.
  • Investment. I enjoy the game, and I probably play more than most (60 – 90 minutes average every day). I am devoting a lot of my time to using your product, and I also plan to constantly pay into VIP. I really don’t feel like I am getting enough value for my time here, primarily due to this reason. When I get items slowly, its not great. But when I get items slowly, and I have to constantly trash pieces that I specifically want? It leaves a very bad feeling – frustration.
  • Frustration. Frustration doesn’t incentivize me to farm for additional gear. I would rather invest my hours elsewhere.

This is the whole topic of the thread. The inventory situation wasn’t really made better by the recent improvement, as the recent improvement was not really enough to remedy the new inventory challenges due to the addition of set bonuses. Inventory still needs a very large boost, or the whole concept of storage needs to be addressed. Many players have spoken out and provided their opinions, so I won’t say more than this.

Now to my last point – which is perhaps most critical. None of us outsiders know what is to come, but below I have included a few risks which will dramatically worsen the inventory issue and (if not addressed by then) lead to rightful moral decreases in the community. These changes in itself aren’t bad whatsoever, but they will have a drastically negative outcome on the current inventory problem:

  • Future PvE events requiring certain color equipment to compete.
  • Future PvE events requiring certain armor sets to compete.
  • Future equipment drastically shifting the meta.

I get very little time to sit behind my computer for non-work purposes drafting responses – but if there are any major corrections I will try to make them.

TL;DR: Give more inventory.


Could I agree with all of the above and approach it from a different angle
Where is the FUN in limited inventory space?
What purpose is it serving?


Ack! Take that meta list out!! :rofl: I fear (based on the history so far) they will attempt to solve the problem by making all of the “meta” gear useless. :eyes:

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I still don’t get it. There are 40 unique minions yet the storage is way higher than that. Not sure about spells but it must be close to be able to have 1 of each spell. For weapons, accessories and armour there are (if my numbers are correct) effectively 450 different ones when leveled with unique colour magic and the storage is capped at 140 (if and when you finally get that much storage). You could add 45 more to 450 if you want duplicate rings as there is 2 slots. This is leading me to follow guides to decide what to keep and scrap so I can fit everything in my inventory. I’d rather have a bigger inventory and work things out for myself so I’m not so scared to salvage something I may actually need later on. Or I could try different setups rather than copy the “optimal” ones. I occasionally find myself salvaging what i get from chests straight away just so I don’t have the hassle of going to my inventory to find something to salvage.
EDIT: Right now my inventory is capped at 100 and it’s going to be a loooong time before I get enough crystals to upgrade Northelm any further. I’m finding 100 VERY restrictive at the moment and spend too much time deciding what to salvage and what to keep which isn’t fun.